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October 14 2009

Paley Center for the Media holding TV Vampire (s)Takedown. Go vote for your favorite TV Vampire; Angel, Spike, Darla, and Dru all on the list.

Anyone willing to write in Harmony, the Master, or vamp Willow would also be appreciated :)

I can't help myself. I had to vote for Northman.
God, I am tempted to vote for The Count.
I had a hard time with this one and almost voted for Darla because i so loved her arc in Angel. Alas I went with my ultimate fave... Spike.

Lots of hard ones to choose between: Spike, Angel, Darla, Drusilla,the Count (hee!), and Eric Northman.

I loved how the description for Angel/Spike and Bill/Eric are exactly the same. They really are quite similar when you think about it. Probably why I'm an Eric fan. Though I love Angel ALOT more than Bill.
LOVE Count Floyd from Monster Chiller Horror Theater on SCTV!
Still. . .voted for Angel.
same here, but Mick St. John out in front?
I bet it's the Three Rivers vote, kiddies, they're not kidding this time
Mick st John? how?

Voted for Angel:)
Angel. Also, way to splinter the Whedonesque vote, putting all four members of the Fanged Four on there.
I've thought the same of Mick St. John. Is it a joke?

_still can't figure out truebloodphilia, either :/

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The poll has swung from the CBS crowd to the Whedonesque crowd quickly. Y'all are awesome :)
I tried the 1st episode of True Blood. Did nothing for me I gotta say. Will try a couple more....but I just found it boring to be honest.
Went with Spike. And of course I did. The first viampire love is always the most important..;-) But I was a little tempted to click when I passed Eric, too..
Voted for Darla but it was a hard choice. Alas, Eric came in second after I thought it over.

And I echo the poster who commented. I wonder why Forever Knight wasn't on the list? I loved that show.
l'm going old school Barnbas Collins. Jonathan Frid played a classy vamp No disrespect towards Angel or Spike. They're my boys too.
Argh! Spike, or Eric Northman? ::indecisive::

OK I went with Spike...he's slightly funnier.
Spike. No contest. He gets the best lines.
Voted for my Spikey, though I'm very upset by the lack of Nicolas Knight (the Geraint version).
Angel or Eric? Ack! I can't decide!
No problem for me..Spike all the way, although I might have paused for a second if Angelus had been listed. I did not care for Forever Knight until it got to season 3, loved that one.
Spike - there is no room for debate!
Unquestionably Spike for me, too. (Though if it were a beauty contest, I'd vote for Eric.)
Angel always ...
angeliclestat - I'm watching True Blood but not really into it. It's ok but I don't find any of the vampires appealing - so you're not alone.
Had a hard time choosing between Dru and Spike. Went with Dru and was amazed that she only has 1.5% of the vote! Travesty.
Angel. I love me some complex, broody, soulful vampire. Spike is ridiculously hot and hilarious, but give me tall, dark and impossibly complicated anytime. There's something about Angel's character arc and struggle that touches me more, personally,
I guess.

Interesting that Bill and Eric have a similar fandom rivalry going on to A/S. All that UST ...


I think my brain just had a hot flash. Goodness gracious!
What? I can't vote for more than one? Well, then the vote went to Spike.
SPIKE!!!!! No one else compares to him even after all these years.
I can't decide, but do like the "iota of focus" to Count Floyd at last :-).
I love Count Floyd, and SCTV, but he isn't really a vampire. He's an anchor man who dresses like a vampire on a kiddy matinee.
Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, ANGEL, AAAANGELLL!!!

Erm, I think I made my point.

(Must say I love Spike and Dru too. Oh, and I was sorely tempted to vote Count von Count)
Well, lots of good choices....I went with Angel barely over Spike but Dru and Darla could bite me anytime. Also a fan of Forever Knight, my favorites being Janette and LaCouix (sp?)...super characters!

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