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October 14 2009

Chiwetel Ejiofor talks '2012'. Long time, no Chiwetel interview. The movie is out on November 13.

God, that movie's going to be a disaster (no pun intended). But at least it led to the creation of this: 2012: It's a Disaster!!
OMG. lol. He's gonna be in it? Duuude. Yay. Umh, yeah I was just gonna see it for the song in the end. Yes, I'm a Adam Lambert fan. He's awesome, no matter what. :

But I'm lol gonna go with my Dad so I don't have to pay for ticket. XD

Because really, end of the world and John Cusack is playing the main character? Really? XD Umh, okay. But YAY for Chiwetel being in it. Another reason to see it. :D \o/ I love him. :D

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Ah geez, I didn't realise they'd roped Chiwetel into this teeming pile of hideousness. He deserves better. And surely Children of Men and Tsunami: The Aftermath would've given him his apocalypse fill, so I don't even really see the fun of doing it.

Also when I first heard about this movie I made this, which sums up my feelings rather succinctly.
I found out recently at a Q&A with the Lie to Me exec producers that they originally wanted Chiwetel for Tim Roth's role. Which I thought was pretttty awesome. I don't know if they ever approached him or not, though. He deserves a show.
I also hate this movie I haven't seen with a fierce passion. It's worse than Hitler.
I think it's awesome. But that's because I finally realized it's a comedy.
Yay! Now I can pretend I just want to see this movie because Chiwetel's in it.

(Every time we see the preview, my husband starts grumbling about distortions of Mayan myth while I gape excitedly at the screen and say, "But look! They're blowing up EVERYTHING!")
Between the apparently post-apocalyptic The Road, 2012, the one with the angels coming to kill us all ('bout time God was cast as the villain in a big Hollywood blockbuster, at least for the sake of variety), and god knows what else arriving soon or anything I missed (can Surrogates be counted as a near-Apocalyptic scenario?), at least one of 'em has to be good. I love end-of-world movies.

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