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October 14 2009

Emma Caulfield to work with Marti Noxon again. She'll be on Marti's new show 'Gigantic'. Emma tweets that she is "super excited to be a part of her vision".

She's been away from the small screen for far too long.

Great news! Looking forward to hearing more about this new show...
Bit interested in Gigantic and am quite interested in how the show will pan out. Hopefully its worth my attention.
I am very curious as to what role Emma will play on the show. Since it is about Hollywood kids with famous parents, will she be playing a famous parent?
Emma on my TV has to be a good thing.
Dollhouse is about humans living in a giant Gigantic must be a spin off. Obviously.
Oh, cool. Marti + Emma = win.
Heh, a recent convert of mine just saw "Hells Bells" from Season Six and said, "The actress who plays Anya is just brilliant, she has to be on TV somewhere else!"

And now she is, and, yes, long overdue. Emma had a slew of magnificent scenes in Buffy.
YAY! Love Emma, and Marti has done some great stuff. YAY!
I don't know anything about this project. Is it a pilot or has it already been greenlit as a series?
Considering that Marti got Emma started in Buffy with "The Wish," it seems fitting that she'll bring her back to our screens. :)
Emma really was brilliant in Buffy. I read enough articles looking back on Buffy, but not enough singing her praises. Think of the Body monologue, or the vows from Hell's Bells, or even suggesting to go out for ice cream at the end of Him. Genius acting.
Hope it turns out better than Point Pleasant...

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