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October 14 2009

Miracle Laurie interview with MediaBlvd Magazine. She talks about her role in Dollhouse and past auditions, an upcoming webseries called The Cabonauts, and Uke Box Heroes.

Main link goes to text transcribed from a radio interview. Miracle joins the show at about 2:30.

I always love reading interviews with Miracle Laurie. She seems like such a sweet and genuine person. I just want to give her a hug!
I met her briefly once; she's a sweetheart, I really like her (and I'm quite picky with who I like). She's got a positive outlook, isn't afraid to say what she thinks and brightens up the room. Her guy is also awesome.
She seems wonderful as a person. I love the uke love. I also think she's also a real find as an actress: charismatic, luminous, intriguing. Her first switcheroos between Mellie and November/Assassin November were stunning. She knocked 'em out of the park. And Madeline is awesomely different from the other personas.
Uke Box Heroes is just an awesome name. I've got "Juke Box Heroes" playing in my head after reading now. And her eyes are just so gorgeous! I hope to see more of her on the big and little screen. What a talented person.
Now she's got me thinking about ukeleles... I have to go watch Jake Shimabukuro again.

I didn't know she'd auditioned for Buffy and for Firefly... she'd have been pretty good as Kaylee, too, I think.
It was really, really wording, and we just do it because it makes us happy.

Is that a typo or is "wording" a new usage for "spreading by word of mouth" ? Not heard it if so but I quite like it.

Good interview, she always comes across as dead nice. And great to hear they're all still having a good time making it (even if personally i'm not ready to breathe a sigh of relief quite yet - "not worrying", though mentally healthy and upbeat, isn't the same as "shouldn't be worrying").
I'm guessing wording is meant to be rewarding. It's transcribed audio, and those two words sound similar enough.
Yeah, wondered if it was either 'rewarding' or (the slightly less sensible) 'working'.

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