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October 14 2009

(SPOILER) Fox's schedule for November features all-new Dollhouse episodes. Seems like the once expressed possibility of preempting the show during November sweeps isn't coming true: Fox has released airdates for episodes 2x05 till 2x08. Episodes descriptions featured, beware of spoilers.

I think the possiblity might still be there to switch eps to a later date if ratings for Oct 23 & 30 start trending lower though right?
It's tricky, however. There isn't anything listed for November 27, for one thing. For another, I presume this is the presumptive schedule, which could always be changed as we get closer.

That said, they've also announced their holiday schedule for December, which includes a new Dollhouse on the 18th and back-to-back Dollhouse reruns on the 25th, Christmas Day. (It only mentions those days in the announcement because the other Fridays aren't holiday-related at all.)

Right now what we appear to have is:

* 10/23 - Belonging
* 10/30 - The Public Eye
* 11/06 - The Left Hand
* 11/13 - Meet Jane Doe
* 11/20 - A Love Supreme
* 11/27 - unknown
* 12/04 - unknown
* 12/11 - unknown
* 12/18 - new episode
* 12/25 - two reruns

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Sweeps end Nov 25, that's why the schedule only goes so far.
This is true. FWIW, if all those "unknowns" are new episodes of Dollhouse, it puts episode 12 on December 18. If no new episode on November 27, both 12 and 13 get pushed into January.

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Hmmm. Maybe if 23rd & 30th trend low, they'll move the top 3 Nov. eps down to the bottom of Nov into Dec.

B!x, you have that link for the Dec release yet?

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No link. Meanwhile, the good in the link here is that the publicly announced presumption, notwithstanding something going wrong along the way, has them continuing to air episodes at all. Heh.

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Not reading the link cos of spoilers but maybe it means Fox have seen the episodes and now have more faith in them as sweeps "events" ?

Also, 'Dollhouse' repeats on December 25th ? I'm now racking my brains trying to think of the "Christmas episode" of 'Dollhouse'.
Since this is the first official indication that 2x05/06 are a two-parter, maybe they will be out there on Dec 25. The Two Hour Summer Glau Tight Christmas Madness Event.
I'm not sure they will have all 13 shot and through post production by end December. There's gonna be reruns.
Well, they have Brothers and Til Death scheduled in too. Not sure how to read this.
The episode descriptions do make the episodes seem very sweep-worthy, which is cool.

I like the "The Two Hour Summer Glau Tight Christmas Madness Event" idea.
No talk of bumping episodes of Dollhouse for sporting events? Oh right. Networks don't always talk about that ahead of time. They just do it. That's what 'preempt' means. New programming supplants previously scheduled programming due to priority. You can't preempt a show unless you formally schedule it first, so that you can preempt it.

I SO hope and wish I'll be proven right. I SO wanna eat my hat over this, but if I were a betting man, I'd lay down a twenty that at least one week of November will see Dollhouse postponed. FOX would substitute curling championships if they thought it could get them better ratings. FTR I'm not a betting man, cuz in my youth whenever I felt strongly enough to put my money where my mouth was, I'd always be wrong. So let's hope I'm wrong here. Wouldn't be the first time.
I think there actually is no other Baseball-Friday besides the one coming up this week, is there? Even if Fox wanted to preempt it, I think they don't have anything to preempt it with. :)
Indeed. If the ratings tank they may swap it with other programming (speculation: repeats of ratings monsters) for a short period, but that's only If the ratings go more south and during sweeps. During those two TBC listings bix has above, you could slot in delayed Dollhouse episodes if the plan changes.

Dollhouse is in a relatively unique financial position - it is inexpensive for the network - and as a result normal business models do not apply here. That is why TVByTheNumbers etc should be taken with a real pinch of salt when it comes to Dollhouse. In this case, they do not know what they are talking about.
In this case, they do not know what they are talking about.

Which, in fairness, they've admitted.
That was a close one, they nearly spoiled a scooplet I have in next week's The Big Tease column.
You big tease you.
So what happens if the ALCS gets postponed by rain? Dollhouse reruns?
It's looking more & more likely this will indeed by the schedule for Nov. sweeps. Interesting indeed!
Games 3,4 and 5 of the ALCS will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of next week in LA. So there is a smaller chance for a postponement. If there is a weather postponement of games 3 and 4, they have an day off before game 5 to fit it in. So, lets hope game 5 isn't affected by weather. Also, Friday will have game six of the NLCS Friday night on TBS (if the series is still playing, which it should because the Dodgers and Phillies are evenly matched). So, if there is a postponement of game 5, it probably be the early game Friday afternoon, so Dollhouse might not be preempted anyway.
I'm now racking my brains trying to think of the "Christmas episode" of 'Dollhouse'.

Isn't it obvious? In a very special episode of Dollhouse: Victor gets imprinted as a real life Santa Clause, when Topher decides that he wants to bring merriment to all the children in LA.

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Yes, that would involve seeing Topher in green with a hat that jingles when he walks? Could we stand such a sight?
crazygolfa, I was referring to tomorrow's game in New York, where it's supposed to rain. I'm assuming they won't preempt the preemption this late in the game, so what are they going to show?
It'd probably be easier for them in that circumstance to air comedy reruns, since they're in half-hour blocks.
Christmas and Dollhouse! Ah, such fond memories...Whiskey just wants to be a dentist! Dominick gets sent to the Island of Misfit Toys! "Klondike" Ballard comes to the rescue! Alpha avoids death because, as we all learn, "Alphas bounce!" Burl Ives appears as a very special dollhouse client! But of course, would we have ever had this holiday treasure without the original song?...

You know Victor and Whiskey, November and Alpha,
Sierra and Foxtrot and Charlie and Delta
but do you recall the most famous active of all?....

Echo the glitchy active had a not-quite blanked-out brain
And if she got imprinted, you never knew what she'd retain

All of the other actives just tried to to be their best
but Echo the glitchy active got her handlers all distressed

Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
She got stole away.
Alpha tried some new imprints,
But the dollhouse found out where she went.

Now all the dollhouse loves her, And Topher even thinks she's fine,
But Ballard keeps on whisperin', "You'll come out as Caroline"
Wow, doubtful guest. Impressive.

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