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October 15 2009

Advertise Dollhouse - A fan campaign to promote the show. It's a fan-effort designed to be "a clearinghouse for promotional materials" for Dollhouse, aiming to raise money for Facebook and ads promoting the show. The next campaign is about the start on 10/19, and it's still looking for donations.

Those who use Firefox with ABP (or similar) and those who connect to Chrome through Privoxy (or similar) won't be able to see the revenue-generating ads at the bottom of the page. You'll have to turn that stuff off if you want to give them your clicks!
What's the track record of the person running the campaign as I'm always a bit wary of fan efforts that ask for money.
That site needs a new main font, it hurts my eyes
I saw this posted on and was so wary. It sounded like a spam/scam... Probably doesn't help that there still is no donate button OR facebook campaign from Gossi and co despite repeated requests.
Can't see the website at all? Only a black screen.
Probably doesn't help that there still is no donate button OR facebook campaign from Gossi and co despite repeated requests.

I'm lost - am I supposed to be taking donations or doing a Facebook campaign?

I've deliberately not entered the arena of collecting money from fans for the obvious issues -- it sometimes results in a mess, and I want to encourage the network to pay to advertise the show, not the fans. That said, it's not that I'm against this effort -- I think online advertising is a really effective and cheap way of reaching the demographic.
I understand the frustration of wanting to do more but I don't think fans paying for ad placement is the answer. Best wishes to the effort though-- I hope I'm wrong and some fan-funded internet ads do help.

Even if I did think it would help, I also think it's unfair to expect any fan who is already trying to help the show in various ways to also take that on. Money collection opens the door to a whole other level of accountability and potential heartache.
Maurissa links to it too.

And didn't gossi to a facebook-thing already? Only without the money-raising?
I placed my own set of adverts on Google and paid for it myself, before the last episode aired. It ran for several days on the run up, then the campaign had to be stopped because Apple complained the banner adverts said "iTunes" next to "Hulu" and "Fox On Demand" - they inform they own the trademark to iTunes so it can't be used on an advert (encouraging people to buy from their service).

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Wow, talk about ridiculous. That's free advertising for their service, and they asked you to stop? Do they constantly keep their guns pointed at their feet?
It's just lawyerbots.
I love my Cap'n, but... no thanks. That's Fox's job.
Paying for an Ad campaign shows FOX that we put money where our mouth is.

Hell don't have it pay for advertising if you don't want. Have it set up to buy a library in cambodia in Joss' name or something, or a scholarship for a girl in Africa or something. $2500 sets up a library. They used to have other bigger options too. I' sure PJ and Nathan would be big believers in something like that to. they even have a way to set up donations through them in peoples names, or set up a campaign through them.

I just didn't want Gossi shouldering the financial burden of advertising the show, and I still maintain that flooding FB with a range of the beautiful ads created for this, will really help draw peoples attention. We could ask those people to remove the word iTunes to be on the safe side.
I clicked on their google ads to help fund them, But I don't like their FB ad image to be honest.

I have Set up a FB ad to run for 4 days leading up to the show, but I'm a bit povo as a student about to get on a plane to Europe, so it won't reach that many people (FB estimates it will have 160,000 impressions), but any is better than none. I removed mention of Amazon and iTunes to avoid issues there.

It might well be Fox's Job to advertise the show, but if we don't, then we can't say we did everything to save the show, and our efforts paid of last week, so we need to not only maintain, but build on this increase in viewers. (Plus we've seen the kind of advertising Fox do for this show, so here's our chance to do it right, and show people what DH is really about)

If others are feeling generous, It would be great if they would set up either the same ad, or a companion ad ( Set it up for as many days as you can afford between now and the 23rd. Set your daily limit. Choose Cost per impression or cost per click (I use per impression as it costs less and tends to get more clicks for the money) A bigger budget means you're more likely to run all day, and reach more people. (You can reach a decent number of people for as little as $10 a day, but the minimum is $1 i think)

Set your age range (I chose 16-50) Set your target location to United States. Choose keywords. Things like Joss Whedon, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dark Angel, Drama, Vampire, Twilight, whatever takes your fancy. It will estimate how many people fit your criteria (I hit 4.5 million comfortably with many keywords)

Upload the image of your choice. Link to
Title: Dollhouse Fri 9/8 c (FOX)
Body: The search continues on 10/23. Catch up now for free on Hulu or Fox On Demand!

It only takes 5 minutes or so. Less than 24 hours to be reviewed. You can cap your limit by selecting daily spend and campaign dates.

You will need a Credit Card.

I'm willing to pay $10 and give up 5 minutes of my time to try and reach potential new viewers, are you?

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Has anyone tried to get numbers on how much it would be to advertise on specific sites like TWOP, HitFix & AICN?

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