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October 15 2009

Another memo from Adelle DeWitt. The plot thickens.

So... does this imply that Joss Whedon will be checking in with us fans?

I love these memos, btw. Brilliant.
Yeah, who will be checking with each of us??
And will we hear from Topher?

I love these memos, too..!
Poor Judith, she has her work cut out for her.

These are fun!
Something is going down with Topher? I'm excited. If Joss is lying and its him... I'm still going to be pretty excited. Not as much as Mr. Brink arriving, but excited nonetheless.
I'm more interested in what event the resources from communications and networking are needed for.
I wonder if that event has something to do with why we will be seeing people from other dollhouses?
Well, in the real world, Major League Baseball.
I'm not sure if I could love these people more. I honestly don't think I could.
Ooh, ooh do a level 3 diagnostic Topher, that's the best kind, Star Trek told me.

'Nother nice one. I like the meta-textual riffing.
These are pretty cool. I likes.
Yes, these are excellent. Props to whoever's doing them.
Makes missing an episode this week certainly more tolerable.
I love these and hope we continue to see them!
I want to see Judith! I'm not cool with off screen characters in the Whedonverse, save Marcie.
I think we actually have already seen Judith. But I really am not able to name the ep to back that up. Hm.
I can't remember it either. But at some point Judith (or maybe I just assume it was Judith?) does actually come in to give Adelle something.
Oh that was definitely her, the way she handed it to Adelle was so Judith.
ROTFLOL. (Not really, but I did chuckle.) So, was Judith a watcher, like yoga/painter person? Doesn't sound like a handler... a picture of proof would be excellent.

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