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October 15 2009

Emma Caulfield posts on the BtVS Facebook page. In a global post wishing everyone a "Happy Coming Out Week" on the Facebook page, Emma replies and posts her thoughts about Buffy fans. She also posts her own topic here.

I believe she is the 100th comment on that post; probably best to just search her name with your browser.

That's a really sweet thing for her to post, especially as the show's been over for a good seven years. What with this, and Miracle/Dichen/Fran twittering save Dollhouse things and responding to fans, I feel a lot of love for Whedonverse actors at the moment.
She has always been very thankful to the Whedonverse fans. It's especially nice that she posted to support national coming out week. We really do have some of the best actors in the world involved in the whedonverse.
Emma has always been a hoot. She and Nicholas Brendon and Seth Green should do something together.
Emma's comment has already d ropped off.

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