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October 15 2009

The one comic book that Joss Whedon reads. Why it's 'The Walking Dead' by Robert Kirkman.

Anybody else shipping Whedon/Kirkman now? Mutual respect is "way awesome."
Oooh, Joss is securing a guest-director spot on the upcoming TWD television series! Clever!

Great stuff though. I'm also very much in love with the Walking Dead. The book, not the actual lovemaking with the corpses.
I got hooked on The Walking Dead the same way: buying a TPB per week. By the time I finished book five, I was so eager for more story, I bought books six, seven, and eight the same day and read all three in a row. It's a great series.
I used to love the Walking Dead, but then it just seems to drag on and well, it's kind of grimdark for no reasons sometimes. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty good, but it doesn't really go anywhere and its dead-toll is ridiculous and this comes from a fan of The Purple Man.
Have you read Crossed? It's just depressing beyond belief.
I've seen pictures. I'm staying the hell away from that. I still have the full run of Punisher MAX lying here, but since seeing some of Ennis' work I'm kind of afraid of what I'll get.

I don't have a problem with bleak or dark, but some people have serious issues.

Edit: If Joss had anything to do with the television series of The Walking Dead, I'd watch the hell out of it.

Edit2: I may also be judging TWD a bit harshly, because I'm still sore about Kirkman's run on Ultimate X-Men.

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See, I just couldn't get into Walking Dead. I read the first TPB and thought the dialogue was poor, particularly where he (Kirkman) was trying to be funny. But everyone loves it so I may have to give it another try someday.
The dialogue gets better, I never been much a fan of Kirkman's dialogue. It can seem very unnatural to me. Especially at the beginning of TWD it seemed that way.
You know, I've been reading Invincible, and the Astounding Wolf-Man, and generally find that Kirkman is a really amazing writer. He reminds me of Joss many ways in his ability to challenge your expectations, and break cliches.

I've never checked out the Walking Dead, because I'm not a huge zombie fan, but maybe I should.
The Walking Dead is one of my favourite ongoing books.
Many people say Jossir's dialogue sounds unnatural so to each his/her own quite obviously, Pretty_Hate_Machine.
Yeah, I couldn't get into Kirkham's dialogue either. It didn't really flow naturally, and characters tended to launch into long monologues. But I've only read part of the first book (and decided to give it to a friend, who appreciated it more than I did).
Oh, I agree. J Linc, I wasn't trying to force my opinion on anyone and as I have said, I am probably biased because I really didn't like his run on Ultimate X-Men. But still something about his dialogue seems a bit off. But again, could just be me.
I havnt tried Walking Dead, but I recently read the 1st 11 volumes of Invincible - really great stuff
I tried The Walking Dead a few years and I just didn't get the hype, it was recommended by so many friends and it just seemed average to me. Maybe it's because I was already feeling fatigued from non-stop zombie action films and the such. I still look forward to the upcoming tv series however!

Also Pretty Hate Machine, I don't know if this helps but Ennis' run on Punisher MAX is a great dark read. Make sure you are in the mood for some grit and dark humor before you launch in.
He doesn't even read his own comics? =|
Heh Dawnlover90, that was exactly my little whimper too. While I can sort of see he doesn't feel a read to buy the series he's got a total hands on approach with and Angel by now has probably totally drifted away from any vision or expectations he probably had initially...

What about Runaways? I think that was the only thing he's worked on lately aside from The Office where he hadn't either created the characters himself (or grown up with them) ever since his script doctoring days. Or I wonder if he has any curiosity where Astonishing X-Men is going under Warren Ellis.

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