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October 16 2009

Why I Watch Dollhouse - a fairy tale promo. It's the latest fan effort to promote the show. The video is also on YouTube if you want to share it or embed it.

That's brilliant
There's a YouTube version also, for those looking to share/embed it.
Very cool. Anyone know what the music is?
Luc, it's the song that plays at the end of Needs

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What's the link for the YouTube version?
Nice. Good to see things like this popping up.
The dragons and monsters in fairy tales always are more interesting than knights and princesses. ;)
Thanks for that Garim.
I truly love this trailer or whatever. It's awesome.
That's a beautiful piece of work. Well done!
brilliant, absolutely amazing!!!
thanks to everyone for all the encouragement! if you know anyone who's good at video editing, please steer them my way. this was my first video and while i know how to make the pretty, moving it is a whole other story (with a steep learning curve). any consults greatly appreciated.

p.s. song is cold "Lonely Ghosts" from O+S. I added it to the flash site as well, so you can hear the whole thing.
That's gorgeous. And I love that that song was used.
Beautiful work, WhyIWatch! Favorited, awesomed, and unofficially designated the promo video for every Dollhouse post mentioning Bruno Bettelheim! (Like most of mine.)
Whyiwatch - I vid but I don't know whether you'd say I was good but I know vidders who are. You'll find contact details in my profile.
That "the world" song is very haunting, is the rest of earlimart albums that good ?
Dang! That was awesome!! I'm pimping this on Facebook!
You know, this would be a perfect commercial. It's an introduction to the main characters...I wonder if Fox could use this at all?
Added this to my Facebook as well. And favorited it on YouTube.
Fox should air a promo like that.
This is brilliant. It took my breath away. whyiwatch, you're hired!
Of course Fox should air a promo like that, but doesn't make one like that. The length it can go to plug Fridaty Night shows was that Friday Night Fights fiasco two weeks ago. If it does mention Dollhouse a tall during baseball over the next few days, I'll feel much better.
And they should hired the people who made that promo. They take promotion more seriously than the network does.
"...and Sleeping Beauty had to save herself."

This literally gave me chills. Well done!
Other than the fixable harsh cutoff of the audio at the end, FOX should use this as a promo for Dollhouse as its better then anything they've done so far.

Is it possible to shorten it to a standard 30 second commercial duration? Mayhap Gossi could then give it to FOX for them to use.
Fantastic. Reminded me why I love the show so much.

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