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October 16 2009

"Joss has the best fans in the world". Fab interview with Dollhouse's Fran Kranz.

Umh, maybe it's just Chrome being weird or something but it won't let me open the link or anything. :(
That was my fault, should be working now.
Good interview. He's not wrong about that scene either, as single scenes go it can stand shoulder to shoulder with pretty much anything Joss has done IMO. Powerful stuff.
Working fine now. Fran is just adorable - smart and articulate and real, with great insight into his character. And that deeply fascinating dedication to his craft that defines all the best actors.
And of course great appreciation for the genius of Joss, which is always a plus. ;)
That was a nice read :) Some people manage to express themselves really well in interviews and I think Fran and Olivia are just exceptional at doing this. I love reading their interviews more than anybody elses.

Im really excited for Topher ever since E1. I liked the character last year but was pretty indifferent to him but now I just love him and think hes one of the best things about the show. Waiting for his inevitable crash back down to earth is one of my favourite things about DH post ep 13 :D
I think Topher is far the most exciting character of the show. He has part of that Xander's darkest side, although more twisted. Love him _hope won't be missing him at the end of the season :S

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Joss just knows how to find the most adorable actors..!
Although I wonder if we should be more critical about the shows. I don't know if you have got through the same, but these days I'm seeing people histerically commenting "SAVE DOLLHOUSEEE!!!" in blogs and articles on TV, just crying this, no reasons, no conversation at all. They post and dissappear _except if the article or post critized Dollhouse, they then comment "SAVEDOLLHOUSEYOUMORONDONTHAVEANIDEAOFGOODTVASSHOLES!".

That's embarrasing. And it's bad for the show.
Love Fran, love Joss, love this! ♥

And oh god yes, that scene. That scene pretty much single handedly put "Vows" over the top for me. It's probably one of the most poignant bits of television Joss has ever written, and Fran and Amy play it so well.
Id love to see Tophers personality imprinted on a Doll. I think Enver [Gjokaj, who plays Victor the Active] could do a great impression of me.

I would LOVE this.

Great interview. Topher has really blossomed as a character for me, and I can't wait to see where his arc goes.
I really started liking Topher when he downloaded a "friend" in Sierra. I can't wait to see see how 'Belonging' will connect with that.
But last year, it was weird. This woman was getting Tahmoh [Penikett]s autograph, and she has one of those cast photos, and Im in the photo, and Im standing right next to Tahmoh, and she looks at me and she goes, Next year, but doesnt ask for my autograph.

Aw, poor Fran!
Well, DUH! Of course they're the greatest!

I'd watch ANYTHING with his name on it. He's just THAT good.
What a lovely interview!
I think Enver [Gjokaj, who plays Victor the Active] could do a great impression of me.

I love that Kranz recognizes Enver's talent here. Awesome. And his admiration for Lennix. Great interview!
Good interview. I think we saw Alan Tudyk play Topher a bit already. There seemed to be Topherbits leaking into his Keppler persona as needed.
Mannerisms, at least. Or it sure seemed it in his conversation with Ballard in Keppler's apartment, between the fridge and the couch.
"Joss wrote the most amazing scene. He even emailed me and he was like, You will not be sorry consecutive twenties will be fine,..."

; > This, combined with DHSAB's "$10 Solo" makes it utterly clear that Joss is running a lucrative dealio on the side wherein he collects money from the actors for some delicious featuring. Maybe if we all chip in, we can get a Dollhouse scene written for one of us - with lines and everything? I ain't saying for whom - but I think I could make a passable Active attendant. ; >

Fran is delightful - and that dismissive fan was just tacky.

(I did something once that may have looked like that - but wasn't - but I've felt horrible about it ever since. During the WGA strike, I was recruited for "Pencil Dropping Day" for the "Pencils2Moguls" campaign. When I got there, Danny Strong was also there with Jane Espenson as her "Bring An Actor to the Strike" day person.

I was talking to him about the AMPTP - it was right after that great parody site (archived here) had hit, and we were laughing about it and talking 'bout AMPTP-lies. I think dreamlogic or maybe Lady Brick offered to take my picture with him, and I said something like, "Oh, no, don't bother."

I just don't collect souvenirs like that - it's not one of my things, is all - and we went back to talking about the AMPTP, which I much preferred to getting my photo with him, but then later it occurred to me maybe he'd have thought I didn't consider him big enough to get my photo with?

I dunno why these things bug me for so long afterwards, but they do. I just wouldn't want him or anyone to think I was all snobby or sumpin', ya know?)

Okay, enough derailing, sorry.

Fran in that scene with Amy in "Vows" is amazing - as is this bit of writing:

"You can't know me, and I can't know you. Not fully... not ever. That's part of the contract."

I thought it was such a painful existential cri de coeur.

ETF: typo

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Agree with previous comments; this interview was very easy to read but also insightful. I'm sure the length of the interview would have helped... Other interviews I always find a bit half-hearted or halted.

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