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October 16 2009

Nathan and Eliza Promote "Make a Difference Day". The October 18, 2009 issue of USA Today Weekend Edition features Nathan and Eliza on the cover (along with some other folks) to promote a day of volunteerism on October 24th. Nice quotations...

I think it's funny how the first line of the article ("How do you bring together, for the first time, four of TV's hottest new stars?") isn't 100% accurate, seeing as how Eliza and Nathan faced off against each other in "Dirty Girls" six years ago.

It is a really great cause though and I like seeing two Whedon alums doing good deeds on their own time.
I wonder if each Network picked their star/show to represent them or did the charity or the magazine pick each star to represent the network?

Love that both Nathan and Eliza are wearing the same color tee.
Nice article, and some great examples of ways to give. I hope KNTR gets some buzz from this.
KNTR is donating books to a school where I volunteer. Like many school districts, money just isn't there for extra teachers, tutors or any new materials.

I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has donated to KNTR. I wish I bring all of you to the school and show much they appreciate the books. The school is relying 100% on donations & volunteers. The low reading levels in the schools are alarming. Often I find that kids find reading 'boring' or hard. The KNTR books are perfect because not only are they new, they have cool & exciting covers which reflect the exciting adventures inside. The KNTR covers all reading levels as well.

Sincerely Thank You and Thanks for making a difference however small.
You are most welcome, Spacegirl. It gives us great pleasure to provide new books for the kids at the school you volunteer for. But it is you who deserves thanks for taking action to help the students there. Keep volunteering! We hope the books will make a big difference for the kids this year and in the years to come.

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