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October 16 2009

Tonight: Joss and Felicia visit the Egyptian Theatre in LA. They'll be having a "discussion" after screenings of Dr. Horrible and The Guild season two. The fun starts at 8:00 Pacific.

Who's going?

I'm going, and am wondering whether the line has started yet? If it were just Guild fans, I know I could intimidate or fight my way to the front of the queue. But those Whedon fans are tough! And they tend to stick together.
The earliest I can get there thanks to work is 7:00. So I'm hoping that doesn't leave me at the back of the theater.
I is going, with Mr. QuoterGal.

We won't get there 'til 7:00-7:30p, so if there's a line out to Hoboken, well - we'll just sit in the back quietly and not make a fuss.

; >

We are looking forward to it, though. Maurissa has tweeted that she and Jed I believe) and Joss and Zack and Felicia will be there, so there's that, too.

We still don't know if Joss' evil twin Ross will be there, though.
peacemonger, your screen name belies your approach to tonight's festivities :)

Can I sneak in here and say how exquisitely jealous I am of everyone who can attend this? We East Coasters don't get enough of these, imo.

Have a great time tonight, lucky people, and if you can, report back on what you learn...
I'm going with a bunch of friends! Just moved to LA, so I'm taking advantage of the cool Joss related things that happen in the city. So excited!
I shall be there! Lookin forward to a great evening!
I'll pull my tongue from cheek long enough to admit my screen name Is more apt then it would appear. In actuality you may find me politely behind QuoterCouple and everybody else. My threat was only an oblique reference to The Guild season 3 :D
peacemonger, I assumed you had tongue firmly planted in cheek. You were being amusing, and I had to bow to it. :)

I can't get over all the cool people who are showing up for this. I've turned bright green. Bright, glowy green.
I'm gonna try to record this on my little digital voice recorder. I doubt the audio will be good enough to post, but I'm hoping it'll at least be good enough for me to write up a transcript later.

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I posted about this a while back, and have been planning to go ever since. Yay! Happy one-day-early birthday to me!
Is it on yet? Anyway have fun people!

Wish I was not thousands miles away *sad*

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Jobo asked "Who's going?"

QuoterGal and Mr. QuoterGal
Maurissa and Jed
MadeToLoveJoss and bunch of friends
So how did it go?
I just got back. It was really, really fun. My first time meeting anyone from the world of Joss. I didn't meet Joss himself--he snuck out after a few signings--but I talked a bit with Enver (who made mention of his identical twin) and a bit more with Maurissa (apparently, her dad and I share a first name!).

Oh yeah, speaking of which: surprise! I was headed out, disappointed that I hadn't gotten to Joss in time, when who's hanging out in the aisles but Enver and Dichen! I guess they just came along because... yeah! So that was pretty awesome. Both of them, of course, incredibly nice. Then I started trying to leave again, when Maurissa appeared in the door I was trying to leave through! So we chatted, she talked about how she was really excited about the upcoming Dollhouse episode, etc. She was really sweet. At the end of the night I was waiting on the street for my ride--which I think made me look like I was just camping out to watch all the guests leave, so oops--and she walked past, remembered me and said bye. It was very nice of her.

The Q&A was pretty entertaining. No real news news, except that there's apparently going to be a reprinting of the book The Toy Collector with an introduction by none other than Joss Whedon! I recorded the whole Q&A, but I haven't listened to see how it sounds yet. If it's audible, I'll type up a transcript for y'all ASAP. A really really fun time for someone who has never done this kind of thing before, though (I went to Comic-Con, but didn't come close to meeting any of these superb people).

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I freakin' loved tonight. I talked with Felicia, Maurissa, and Zack. Also Enver, who is probably my favorite actor of the moment, and so damn humble about it that you can't help but think him adorable.
I went with some friends. There was less singing/quoting along than I expected and the Q&A was indeed entertaining. It was nice to see quite a few people hanging around to chat with fans for a while.
Alrighty, got back from the Egyptian a few hours ago. I'll jot down what stuck with me, but there are bound to be gaps, 'cause these days unless I take notes, I only remember highlights. Maybe others who went - possibly younger people, with fresher, newer brains - can fill in what has already dropped out of the black hole lately formed in the center of my aging memory circuits. (I see that some above have, so I'll skip what they've told.) (Mods, if this is too long, let me know, and I'll move it off here, if you want...) We were in the 4th row - great seats, if you didn't mind a little distortion. I saw Lady Brick at the ticket booth, and saved seats for Korkster & her Mom, but they got there too late to come down front with us.

As Lady Brick mentioned, it wasn't really a sing-along, and folks didn't holler out the lines much, either. To be honest, I've been in enough sing/shout-alongs, and I enjoyed getting to watch & hear it all without a lotta noise. It felt somehow more like a showing, and that seemed to work out just fine.

Guild Season Two: as we know, superb, and they showed Date My Avatar as well. Doc Horrible: marvelous, as expected. It always makes me cry, and this night was no exception. All were well-received by an appreciative audience.

Q & A: Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Zack Whedon, Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Vincent Caso, Sean Becker (I think), and Sandeep Parikh.

Also seen (watching & very sweetly letting folks take photos with them): Enver Gjokaj and Dichen Lachmen. (There may have been others, too - it was dark - and I also saw a very handsome man with them, I thought.)

No-shows: Ross, Hinky, Dopey, Jazz and Merriweather Whedon

First, the news:

• The Cabin in the Woods - delayed for 3D, as we knew. It was studio's idea, not Drew's nor Joss'. They would like it to come out as soon as possible, and they are sorry we have to wait 11 months to see it. 3D is what the kids are watching these days, so most horror movies are doing it. It will still be good 11 months from now, Joss assures us.

Nothing else was really news, as in reportage-worthy (except Joss' The Toy Collector intro, as mentioned by Jobo above) but all of it was delightful - I loved seeing these talented people all together.

I can't do it in chron order, so I'll just note 'em as they come to me. The Guild & Doc folks were together for one big Q & A at the end.

• It was moderated by the American Cinematheque guy, whose name escapes me - he was pretty good, with only a mild tendency to ramble. ; >

• First off, Joss mentioned that he would rather not be there answering questions. It was said lightly, but you knew there were things he preferred doing to this Spanish Inquisition. ; > He was his usual listening & quick self, though.

• The moderator asked for Doc Horrible origin stories & they were given. Felicia's gaming addiction, writing her pilot, etc. Joss' being inspired by The Guild (he also mentioned it was cool to see it all in one go tonight, instead of episodically) and the WGA strike down time, as well as their determination to do something outside the system. At one point, the moderator asked if they'd any advice for folks to make something similar, and Joss said it helped to be able to tap your talented family. Nonetheless, his belief still stands that people with the drive & talent should get together with or without funds & connections and see what they can do. Sandeep talked (at some point) about how for the first season, they'd relied on fannish donations - and both Felicia and Sandeep were appreciative of the many volunteers they'd had helping them. They were thrilled when they could get more crew positions filled (like when they got a gaffer) and when they could start to pay people.

• The Guild folks were asked about how they got together, and they mentioned their shared improv experiences. Sandeep noted that his part was written for him 'specially - 'cause of his ability to play amusing impish folks - and Victor mentioned that he'd had to audition, but no doubt he was better than those other two that went up for it. They all talked about their lack of gaming background - except for Felicia - but mentioned that Jeff Lewis/"Vork" had since gotten into it - that Vork had become Vork.

• Felicia was likened by a questioner to Preston Sturges re: her ability to write snappy dialogue. Naturally, she did not hate that comparison. (I thought of Howard Hawks, but refrained from shouting that out. Which was nice.) They asked if it was all written, or more improv'd. She answered that most of it is written - though they do improv as actors, most of the dialogue is written. The moderator asked something about writing for short hops (as opposed to, I think, stuff like Duck Soup?) Anyway, longer stuff. She says since it goes by so fast, she hopes/figures that if anything isn't deathless prose, there'll be something else coming along immediately after.

• Joss et al. were asked if there would be a Doctor Horrible Two. Joss said yes - as we knew - & that they have some stuff - including songs - written. Joss was asked if he would spill its name, as he has mentioned that he already has one. He declined, teasing it for a hot minute, but offered "Doctor Horrible Two: The Heretic" in its place. Another faux title was mentioned ("Electric Bugaloo"? And something else?) and Joss mentioned they were most of them pretty busy working on Dollhouse which elicited some applause.

• Someone who got all obsessive-y about logos - it might have been me ; > - asked about the Bad Horse logo she stubbornly insists against all reason & evidence to the contrary she can see appearing through the semi-translucent letterhead here, appearing to be a horseshoe & some other shapes. She was offered The Bad Horse seal and the Evil League Of Evil logo (designed by Jed) in turn, but she insisted there was something Bad Horsey on the letter itself. They finally said she would probably be sorely disappointed - that they had most likely just used some piece of paper. (I still stick to my own theory - because I'm noted for my stubbornity - but whoever(s) did the signage/graphics/props would be the next folks to talk to.)

• There was a woman who got up and asked Joss et al. a question, but she had a small sleeping child in her arms, and I kept thinking that it looked like she was offering up her child to them for a ritual sacrifice, so I forgot to listen to what she was asking, and what they answered. I begs yer pardon.

• Joss et al were asked what Doc Horrible was edited on. Joss said that Lisa Lassek was in the audience, and she could field that one - though I'm pretty sure he was giving her a (well-deserved) moment - 'cause sure he knew they used Avid. He said he did, he knew all sorts of fancy tech=y stuff.

• Joss et al were asked when "Commentary: The Musical" soundtrack would be out on hardcopy, and Jed said he should be home editing that now. But Joss said the delay was his fault, since he'd said wouldn't it be cool to have a nifty cover and couldn't they all get together and have a photoshoot, etc. He said now at this point he just thinks they should slap some goggles on the cover & call it done.

• Jed & Joss were asked about their songwriting process. Jed starts with music, hopes lyrics will start to come as he messes with music, and then calls Joss. ; > Joss starts with a phrase and works from that direction.

• At several points, Maurissa was told how much we all like her singing and her acting, etc., and asked when we could look forward to seeing more of her work. She was kinda shy about it, but thought she might be in Doctor Horrible Two (Electric Bugaloo), and wondered if she might get an actual character name this time. There was some stray talk about her being Asian in reference to her Commentary song, but I forget just what.

• A man mentioned how much he liked Firefly, and how did Joss write stuff that affected him so much? Joss was a little embarrassed and mentioned that fact. We moved on.

• Someone asked Joss (and I think et al.) if they would try and save Heroes. Zack said that nothing could save Heroes. (Though I think Bryan Fuller at least helped it.)

• Someone asked about Joss et al. testing various ways to monetize Doc Horrible (DVD, iTunes, hulu, etc.) and Joss said there were other ways that they'd hadn't tried yet. iTunes was lucrative, as was the DVD - and hulu to a (very much) lesser extent.

• The Guild folks were asked what it was like seeing The Guild with an audience - Sandeep said it wasn't his first time, but it was the first time he'd seen it with Doctor Horrible, and that he hadn't seen the Doc on the big screen 'til tonight, and it was so much more revealing on the big screen. Somehow that morphed into how he'd like to sleep with each and every one of us in the audience, and someone (and I think it might've been me again) hollered out that we did the weird stuff. People may or may not have laughed. I may or may not have turned red and hit my face in A's shoulder, which is what I am wont to do in such cases, which are not infrequent. (If it was me, which I am now beginning to doubt.)

My camera is just the iPhone camera, which takes crappy photos especially inside and at night with poor lighting. This is the best of what I got, really.

Okay - that's all she wrote. The fat lady has sung. And apparently I have to go change my name to LogoGal. ; > I have mostly paraphrased the above since I didn't get quotes - no living things were harmed in the making of this report, and I only made up like half of it.

(If I remember more, I'll add it here, unless the mods are sick of this long post, for which I wouldn't blame them. Much.)

And Happy Birthday to WHEDONesquer jcs. Enjoy your morning cheesecake.

See, this is why the airlines are struggling, why even have planes when folk'll produce accounts like that and we can practically be there even though we're here ? (don't panic, it's still true that wherever you go, there you are - some wisdom is timeless).

Cheers for that QG, I especially enjoyed the made up half ;).

(and happy birthday jcs, have a good 'un ;)
Thanks QG! I liked reading all of that loads!
QuoterGal - I love that you're Logo Lady. Delightful. I'm sorry your question never really got answered. Or, I suppose, even asked.

I think you got most of the important bits, though I don't actually remember Joss mentioning he'd rather not bet there.

For what it's worth, I laughed when someone (who might've been you) said, "We do the weird stuff!"

Also, happy birthday, jcs. And happy birthday, XanMan, who might or might not be me, but is.
Thanks QuoterGal, fantastic write-up. Very much appreciated.
Wonderful reports so far. Thank you LogoGal in particular- you remember so much more than I would.J obo, hope your recording is clear enough for you to remember what was said.
And happy Birthday jcs and XanMan.
Is it weird that I considered that LogoGal was QuoterGal? I was like, "Hmm, maybe! ...nah." I should trust my instincts.

As for the recording, there are some muffled bits (pretty much all the stuff I didn't manage to hear when I was actually watching it) but for the most part it sounds transcribe-able. So I'm working on it.
Thank you for taking the time to write all this, QuoterGal! It was funny, delightful, and all kinds of good things to have on a Saturday morning. I raise my cuppa tea to you.
Thanks for the very amusing and pretty comprehensive report QuoterGal, it is much appreciated by those of us in the more outlying areas who were unable to attend.
I'm personally sorry about the 'Cabin in the Woods' delay, but I have to say that I think the studio must be happy with it if they want to spend this extra $ to make it 3-D.... And they will probably promote it a lot when they do release it, which would be exciting.
Brava quotergal! A perfect way (along with coffee, cheesecake and sleeping til 9:30) to start my day!
(and thanks guys for the b-day wishes & happy day XanMan :-)
Wow, quotergal, Your reporting is incredible. Thank you. Edited to add: Jobo's account was much appreciated, too.

Sounds a really fun night. Strangely, what most leaps out at me at the moment is that Enver is an identical twin. I wonder if his twin is an actor, too.

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QuoterGal, your account of the event is awesome.

Someone asked Joss (and I think et al.) if they would try and save Heroes. Zack said that nothing could save Heroes. (Though I think Bryan Fuller at least helped it.)"

Heh, there was a time when I wished some of the Mutant Enemy writers would've gone over to Heroes to help it, but at this point I don't think it's worth the time of anyone of that calibre. I thought Bryan Fuller helped it too in the second half of Season 3 (and I'm surprised to see he's still in the credits as a Consulting Producer, even though he isn't writing for it again after everyone thought he was sticking with Season 4 to further steer things back in a workable direction). There are elements of Season 4 I'm enjoying. It's far better than the trainwreck that was the first half of Season 3. Peter is likeable again, and an actual character, instead of just a plot device/special effects action prop.

"Somehow that morphed into how he'd like to sleep with each and every one of us in the audience, and someone (and I think it might've been me again) hollered out that we did the weird stuff."

Okay, you win. You sooo win. Totally worth the embarrassment you suffered immediately following.
Mike Ownby posted video of some of the Q&A.
Happy Birthday, XanMan - and thanks, guys, I *so* enjoyed being there.

I watched Mike's video tidbits, and the sound is really surprisingly great - definitely worth listening to the five short clips he's posted. And you can hear that rude woman hollering out her "we do the weird stuff" crack, so, um, there's that, too.

I've remembered another question (in addition to the ones Mike snagged that I'd forgotten) - someone - I think maybe the moderator - asked the Doc folks what it was like as a family working together, and they (Zack and maybe Jed, too>) said that they fought when they worked together as kids, and they fought now and it worked out just fine.

Both Jed and Zack remembered being in little movies that Joss directed when they were young - they started shooting them when Jed was eight, making 'em up until Zack was eight. They spilled a couple of the titles, which I'm sincerely hoping the XanMan got for his transcript, because they were cherce. (One was something like "Terrible Guy"? "The Yucky Man"? Nope, it's gone - I ain't got it. And Joss played a Doctor Somebody in another - I so can't retrieve that one.)

Looking forward to seeing that transcript - but I know how long that can take, and how much work - so thanks for giving it a shot.
Thank you everyone!
Oh, oops! I'm not the one doing the transcript, but I do believe the title was "Stupid Man." My favorite was Jed's follow-up deadpan: "I was Stupid Man."

And thank you all for the birthday wishes.
Ah, double-oops - sorry, Jobo.

Who is "Stupid Man" er, I mean "Stupid Woman" now?! ; >
Well, QuoterGal, at least you're not Asian.

Everyone else - Just so we're clear, I swear I'm not overtly racist. That was just a callback to, um... Whedons said it first!
Thanks QuoterGal for posting the evening for those of use who couldn't be there!
Thanks for the reports was a fun read. Like I was there.
Sounds like a wonderful time had by all- thanks for the write up, guys.
And Birthday Salutations to XanMan and jcs!
And on the day QuoterGal redefined write-up, we watched in awe and cheered.

Thank you, JoBo, Xanman and LadyBrick! (Happy Post-Birthdays, Xanman and JCS!)
Oh man, guys. I live in Berkeley, but I just happened to be visiting LA this weekend. Obviously, I bought tickets for this. But by the time I got from the airport to my hotel through traffic, it was clear I was not going to make the screening. I was so upset, and after reading those accounts, even more so.

On the bright side (maybe), I had purchased three tickets. I knew I couldn't get them refunded, but I made sure to call the Egyptian to tell them I wasn't coming, so they could release the tickets to someone who wanted them. Did any of you guys end up with my tickets? That would make me feel MUCH better.
Great write-up! Thank you!
Here's a pithier re-cap of the evening at "Staying in with Vlada", with quotes and everything, tweeted by @theguild:

“ 'Yes, he’s seen it,' Joss said when asked if Sondheim had watched Dr. Horrible. 'He said it was very nice. I had no follow-up questions.' ”

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