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October 17 2003

The Jossverse Fancred Stats Sheet. How to make sure all Whedonverse Fandom will love/hate you in one easy go.


Yes -- I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe. A must for the serious fan. ;-)
Loved 'Christ, we're only____ episodes in." So true.
guilty .....
(raises hand sheepishly), "Guilty ....."
"Now you can just fill out this handy-dandy sheet, post it in your user info, and all Whedonverse Fandom can make a quick, balanced decision about whether to hate you or not, with one convenient click!"

'Priceless' is taken, so I'll say 'classic!'
::Goes to fill out::
Makes me think that we need a 'Whedon code' like the Geek code to declare all our show/ship/character/fanfic preferences.

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