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October 16 2009

Another Leak From Within The Dollhouse. This time from Mr Topher Brink.

A re-airing of the first three episodes, or are they suggesting we re-watch them? There's a suggestion of a play-by-play live feed. Maybe Twitter?
This is getting interesting.
Well, there's obviously not an actual re-airing of the first three episodes this weekend.

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He'll be working in technicians from other Dollhouses? IN?!
Networking in.
Ah, yes. Reading makes my understanding English better.
Explains why there's no episode this week - all the popular actives are off duty. Baseball's just the cover story.
I really do like these. I want them forever.
This is very directed to the fans. They should spend more time and energy advertising Dollhouse to people who are not fans yet.
Did we ever find out who is behind these thingies (is it Joss, a writer for the show, a rabid fan, a crazy off the street?)? Cuz whoever it is, I want to marry him or her.
Linnea1928, I assumed this was coming from Fox publicity as some form of viral marketing. No one knows who is sending this yet? If it's from a fan, he or she is probably having a blast writing these.
As pointed out by others, they're not using the actual Rossum logo, as briefly displayed in the show, which indicates it's probably a fan effort. A super-cool one, though.
I thought it was @tony_almeida:

"tony_almeida - You guys would like to see my Work desktop, wouldn't you? #24 #Dollhouse"
If they're starting to come out every two or three days, they may not make the cut for the front page as the novelty will wear off. One a week would be fine though.
So the person behind these genius memos is a person who pretends to be a 24 character on Twitter? (I had to imdb him cuz I had never heard of him before since I've never seen 24 and was way confused for like 3 seconds until I realized it was a character page.) Huh.
Or that 24 character is simply trying to play along. Now, if they'd screen captured a memo before it showed up on that Scribd account, that would tell us something.
I just wonder if it's just playing to us lot really. Which is nice, obviously, but...
I think these are fun and brilliant. I'm planning on just enjoying them and not obsessing too much on where they come from.
Nice Nielsen bashing in the last lines.

How do you guys get these things??
The awesome is overwhelming.

At any rate, yu heard what Topher said - let's stream all of season 2 thus far on Hulu and get a tweet stream trending tonight! ;)
Love it! And if it is just aimed at us, meh....I don't care. I still love it.
That 3rd last paragraph suggests (to me) that we should rewatch 2x01-2x03 in the right order, since 2x02 "Instinct" was originally labelled 2x03... re-establish the baseline.

I'll do that anyway. ;)
Instinct fits better as the third ep. Particularly when reconsidering the moment near the end of Instinct where Echo is waving the knife and pauses to say, "That's not me..."

Goodness gracious, who might that be?
If these are being sent out by Joss it's mighty sweet of him, if it's a fan then that's cool too and if it's Fox it's pretty pointless advertising but still fun for us. Either way I'm looking forward to seeing any more that might follow.
I'm almost 100% sure it's a fan. That just makes the most sense.

And, it sounds to me like it's hinting at a fan-edited catch-up video for the second season (maybe with some stuff from season 1, but mostly from the first three episodes).
I'm almost 100% sure it's a fan as well. I know most of you think it's excellent writing, but the fact that its subtext is so incredibly blaring and obvious just doesn't strike me as the caliber of writing that we get from Joss. I would be happier if people were having to ask whether or not it really was addressing the real issues (IE, not having an episode yesterday) or whether it was just a note of no real consequence.
As neat as it is, I'll like it a lot less if it has no affiliation what so ever with Joss or Fox. I think the reason I liked it so much was how innovative a way I thought it was for Joss, or the fox at Fox, to send us a message. Reading it as a fan effort, it strikes me as sort of presumptuous.

This could be because I had assumed from the start it was from Dollhouse affiliates, and so perceived it as a legitimate message from them to us. Thus, when the likely hood of it being fan made was pointed out, it almost felt like something of a well constructed hoax message. Looking at it as a fan message from the start, maybe it wouldn't come across this way at all. Certainly I still think it very smartly done, and neat to boot. I just can't work myself up to feeling all that enthusiastic.
Hmm perhaps the logo featured in the episode was just a cute little happy doodle placed near the Rossum name? The one in these "leaked letters" makes an awful lot more sense to me because it actually looks like it'd be a dollhouse logo in contrast with the weird flowery doodle. Perhaps Rossum as a whole has the happy flower doodle and this individual section has a different layout or sleeping arrangement or something which causes a different logo? Hmm just thoughts.
Has anyone taken up the suggestion and made a promo catch-up of Eps 1,2, & 3? I'd like to see it.

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