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October 18 2009

Nathan Fillion Heat Wave signing in Los Angeles this Monday. He will be signing that instant NY Times Bestseller with his pic on the backcover.

It has been on the list for two weeks now. Haven't read anything on how international sales are going.

I know some SoCal Browncoats are gonna show up. Anybody going from here?

wrong coast again
I'll be there with the usual band of miscreants. I had camera fail at the last signing so I'm hopping to get some better photos this time.
I wish I could participate in this kinda stuff! I need to move to California, it seems.

Also, I should buy that book. I have heard that it isn't that bad.
So... Richard Castle is a real guy? I'm so confused as to why a guy is playing a character is signing books... if he didn't really write it. Can someone explain it to me?
I have a Serenity comic signed by Nathan far as I know he didn't write or illustrate that either! ;)

I know! Because it is funny! Ironical!
Did anyone go to this?

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