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October 19 2009

(SPOILER) Promo pics from Dollhouse 2x06 'The Left Hand'. There's some great ones featuring the guest stars.

Awesome! Really can't wait for this episode (and the 2 before it ;-).
#5: "Well, look who's holding the knife this time, Faith."

#6: Dueling Satans

#8: Then, over the restrained body of a woman deprived of free will, their eyes locked.

#10: Topher thought he had finally pinpointed the problem. It was the Left Hand, there on the Right Boob.

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Ooooo, intrigue, intrigue, so much intrigue. :)
To be honest, I had actually been kinda expecting them to reuse the LA Dollhouse set for the DC Dollhouse, a la Italian Wolfram and Hart, but I'm glad to see they've actually got a distinct design difference going on.
I remember that in one of the interviews during Season 1, Joss said that if we ever visited another Dollhouse, they donít want to repeat the Wolfram & Hart joke. And I'm glad they didn't.
I can't wait for this!
Oh, to tell the truth I was sort of expecting the W&H gag too. (A little weird in hindsight since I don't remember them saying whatever happened to the first two W&H offices featured on the show.) It's sort of interesting to see that they'd specifically address that in an interview though. ^_^

As for the pics, I'm rather confused and intrigued by the AD photos but the SG ones I also find a little perplexing but in a slightly less positive way since I seem to remember reading some place that they wanted to give Summer a new character type to play. For some reason I imagined that to mean "less creepy" but I guess not.
Love your captions, Pointy!
Thnq, Bobbi!
That last picture is making my head very wonky. The question is not only why it is the Left Hand (and not, say, the right one as with Rotwang and Dr. Strangelove), the question's also whose hand it is.

Can't wait for this arc.
Hmm...Does anyone else have the theory that

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