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October 19 2009

(SPOILER) Preview of Angel vs Frankenstein. First we had the Spike vs Dracula mini-series and now we have this new one-shot. It's penned by John Byrne and will be out this Wednesday.

Just waiting for Harmony vs The Wolfman.

It's this week 21st (idw site)!!
Previews says the same so I changed the entry. Cheers for the correction.
Bryne's has down a very sinister Angelus.
Cool! I know this may not be the most poular idea, but I wouldn't mind seening more stories like this. (Maybe Buffy vs Freddy Kruger?) Yeah, it would never work on TV, or in a movie, but comics seem like the perfect medium for this. And it isn't cannon (thus can't hurt the mythology) and can be just for fun. Looking forward to this.
Well,characters like Dracula and Frankenstein are in the public domain.So anybody can use them.The rights to a character like Freddy are with another comic publisher.So it would have to be a mutual intercompany crossover.Dark Horse and IDW can't just use Freddy unless the other publisher agrees to it.

That's why doing the Illyria/Fallen Angel crossover miniseries(Fallen Angel:Reborn)was no problem.Both rights are at IDW.

It would be kind of wild to see a Angel/Transformers or Angel/Star Trek crossover though or Buffy/
Yeah, I realise there's a rights issue, I was just saying I'd like to see it. Ofcoarse they could probably get the rights if they agreed to give some of the money to the other comapy. But they won't.

Buffy/Hellboy sounds cool, but I'm not sure about Transformers. They're a little more for kids I think, and besides Angel's person sized. Yeah, he's a vampire, but I don't think he'd stack up to well against 30ft robots.

You have a choice. Get out of my city, (vamps out) or I kill you all.

Oh really? (Squashes Angel with his foot).

That wouldn't work, I don't think. But in the hands of a Joss Whedon or a Frank Miller, who knows.
So is this Angel v. Frankenstein, or Angelus v. Frankenstein?
The title is Angel vs. Frankenstein but it's Angelus in the story,I do believe.

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Please, somebody tell me I'm not the only fanboy who's been aching for a Buffy VS Predator/Aliens one-shot since Joss announced Season 8. I mean it's Dark Horse, for Christ's sake. That's practically the only AVP crossover they haven't done yet. Is it really too much to ask!?
I want Buffy to exist in her own world so no thanks to appearances by Freddy, Jason, Pinhead, Myers, Aliens, Predators, etc. It'd ruin Buffy a little to me with absurd crossovers.
Personally I think somebody like Joss or maybe Ben Edlund could do the whole absurd comic crossover subgenre justice. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about having about having a Buffy versus Jason arc in the main series itself.

But a well written little out of continuity story like that can be really fun to read. One of the things I like about comics is that they can be used to pull off enjoyable cheesiness like that very well.

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The title is Angel vs. Frankenstein but it's Angelus in the story,I do believe.

The title is Angel vs. Frankenstein but it's Angelus vs. Frankenstein's monster in the story, I do believe.

I was just discussing Dr. F vs. Dr. F's monster with my students this morning.

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