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October 19 2009

Joss Whedon to direct one of the back-nine episodes of GLEE. I feel like crying tears of joy right now. Update: Joss comments.

Heíd most likely tackle the side job after Eliza Dushku and Co. have wrapped their 13-episode order.

So Dollhouse really isn't getting 22 episodes this season then?
And...just in case there are one or two Whedon fans who aren't already watching this hilarious show...see here. ;)

OMG...Joss Whedon and Jane Lynch. ::starts crying again::
OMG are they going to stage a High School production of 'Dr. Horrible'? Because that would be awesome!

But like Simon I was kind of hoping Dollhouse would get to do 22 episodes...
I've never actually seen Glee but it won't be shown here in the UK till 2010 (thank you E4 for killing any kind of buzz for the show).
Glee will be huge when it gets here, Simon. Episode 7 was one of the funniest hours of TV I can recall in a while. It's a great show.

If this is true I will buy Joss a pint one day. Positive reenforcement, and all that. (This post works better if you're a Big Bang fan).

Dollhouse is not going to be 22 episodes, short of a miracle, which makes me a sad gossi.

Edit: joss says I'm wrong below. I like being wrong. Bring it, Miracle Man.

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Fandoms... colliding!
Glee will be huge when it gets here, Simon.

On E4?
Simon - Glee is brilliant, utterly, utterly brilliant.

Love this news! Although, does seem to suggest that no one is expecting the back nine :(.
This. This is absolutely gonna kick it.
Joss + music = awesomeness of epic proportions.
Totally agree with the "purejoy" tag! :)
Cool, I bet that'll be right up Joss' alley.

Personally I quite like the show, it's got a good heart and i'll probably keep watching. The situations are fairly hackneyed though and the miming puts me off (i'd rather have less well produced songs that feel truer but I understand it'd probably be a production nightmare to have them sing within the scenes). To some extent I feel like I maybe don't quite "get" what they're aiming for.
Glee is good. I mean, sometimes is great, sometimes is mediocre. So...

I am so happy Joss is gonna be directing. I mean, he could write something too. That would be perfect.

Joss + Musical + Jane Lynch = OMFG!
When I saw the headline "Joss Whedon to direct one of the back-nine episodes" I was deluded for a moment in vain hope that it was Dollhouse..despite me already knowing it was Glee from the twitter buzz..
Well, I'm actually among those who're buzzing on twitter about Joss directing Glee! I love the show, and I think this is pretty great news!
Also, I was made to notice the first comment to that article,

Dear Joss Whedon,
please bring NPH.

Yes. Please.
There go my hopes that Dollhouse properly start pimping out it's actors to do guest appearances on other TV shows to build buzz...

That said, I'm rather curious how this might turn out and what tropes he might wanna use given how the series is sort of all over the place in terms of tone--I do generally mean that in a good way.

Wonder if Joss will go handheld? Special effects? Finally a return to those epic oner shots that the first two episodes opened up with? (I actually would like it if they ever established the geography of that high school. From what I've heard all these open corridor high schools we have on the west coast would never exist in Ohio given the weather.)
We're missing a major point here. Which member of Glee will Joss kill off?

Glee Death Pool begins!
Well, personally I cannot stand Tina. No time for her at all. [/reverse psychologising]
No idea what Glee is about, but from the name it doesn't sound like something which would interest Joss Whedon - now if it had been called "Die horribly" i could see it *g*
Kill Sue! [/reverse psychologising] [is that even a word?]
Hunted: You do realize Joss was involved with projects called Angel and Serenity, right? He's all about the wussy, happy names.
Heh, Glee Death Pool.

I love the show, but some eps are only mediocre. Although even in those eps, there's always a character, the humor, or a musical sequence (or a bit of each of those) that makes it worthwhile. Also really bothers me, as Saje mentioned, that the characters are very obviously not singing in most scenes. The miming is so apparent and awkward and it all sounds too clean and overproduced sometimes. But they do have some scenes (usually "practice"-type scenes) where the vocals sound more like they're in the scene with the characters and not just coming from some recording studio through my TV speakers. And even with the more ready-for-CD-pressing sound of some of the songs, almost all of them are still very listenable and creative (the medley thing they did with the boys vs. girls a couple eps ago was pretty cool). The show's even managed to allow me to enjoy some songs I thought I was sick of hearing or never liked to begin with.

"The situations are fairly hackneyed"

Yeah, they are a little, but...I dunno, Ryan Murphy seems to go for broke even when he has a successful show on his hands (Nip/Tuck, Glee), like he's fearing cancellation but actually in no danger of it being inflicted on him (Popular). Each episode is pretty rapid-fire and one might even say the dialogue and pacing is a little rushed in parts, but the music takes up a lot of time in most eps so it's understandable that they gotta work quickly to fit the character development and exposition in. I guess I forgive the show for its sometimes-hackneyed plots because it feels like it's meant to be pretty cheesy and sometimes spoofing or at least spinning the typical highschool drama (it feels equal parts teen show and equal parts Boston Public in basic structure). The acting is top notch and a lot of the characters and lines give me quality guffaws (not just Jane Lynch, although she is a huge part of it).

Cool to hear Joss'll be directing. I like that he keeps working on stuff I'm already invested in (The Office and this).

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I've seen all episodes of Glee so far, and I just don't get what's all the fuzz about it.

It's a fun show, but there's way more stuff that annoy me on it than stuff that I like about it.
I'm still watching cause I don't like anything else on Tuesday night...

Anyway, good for Joss.
Oh, the awesome win!!!
Yay! I'm kinda loving Glee.

And any bets on how soon the petition will be started to get Sarah Michelle Gellar a bit part?

She's already in it, my friends. The episode may not have been shot or cast yet or even written, but I still think it's Sarah Michelle Gellar.
So, which character will spend the entire episode barefoot? My guess will be Kurt.
I'm going to watch because it's Joss, but Glee is not a show I can get behind.

He should direct some more Office. Or maybe How I Met Your Mother?
This news has got Joss trending on Twitter. I think that's the first time this has ever happened.
Every episode of How I Met Your Mother is directed by Pam Fryman, so I think that's unlikely to happen.
Ah, well, I didn't know that.

I want to see what he could do with an episode of Mad Men.
Glee is a really fun show and I'm glad Joss will get to play in its sandbox (especially because he's a fan). But in all seriousness, I ask: what will be especially, excitingly Jossy about the episode he directs?

I ask this question without snark and without meaning to put down Glee in any way.
Glee is written by others (not-Joss) and contains non-original music (not written by Joss). So it would seem Joss won't be contributing on those counts. What he will be contributing is his directorial eye and choices, which will be wonderfully cool. You can bet I'll be tuning in to see what he does. But unless he gets to write a song or something, I can't see the episode as really being about the wonderfulness of the combination of Joss and musicals. Am I on the wrong track? Am I underestimating the power of television directing? If so, please enlighten me.

Unplugged: I'd kill to see a Joss-directed Mad Men episode, too. Kill, I tell you.
But in all seriousness, I ask: what will be especially, excitingly Jossy about the episode he directs?

Didn't we say that about 'The Office' too though ? Most seemed to think those eps bore a Jossian stamp (don't think i've seen them yet).

[/reverse psychologising] [is that even a word?]

It's totally a word [/untrutherisation].

I guess I forgive the show for its sometimes-hackneyed plots because it feels like it's meant to be pretty cheesy and sometimes spoofing or at least spinning the typical highschool drama (it feels equal parts teen show and equal parts Boston Public in basic structure)

Yeah, I get that vibe too Kris (you just cannot have a musical TV series that's, essentially, about a bunch of kids "putting on a show against great odds" without having your tongue somewhat in cheek) so some leeway can be granted. Still, you can't just do the cliched stories but under the guise of spoofing them, you have to send them up somehow in the process so I guess it depends where some of the threads end up going.
I want to see what he could do with an episode of Mad Men.

From your mouth to Matt Weiner's ear. (Possibly by way of Marti Noxon)
Joss directing Dexter would intrigue me greatly. Out of all the US shows I watch, that's the one I would go for.
I'm gonna say what I said on Twitter..I hope Sweet doesn't hear about this
Unless he wants to dance with Sue Sylvester. That could be scary at SO many levels.
Better yet, let's hope Joss can come up with a new song, too. Combine that with Lea Michele, and we'll have Rachel, the Singing Slayer. She could toss some garlic-flavored slurpees at some vampires, for one thing.

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Ooh, Simon, excellent call.
This is absolutely, positively the best news I've heard in a while. Especially on a Monday night. Glee is fantastic and all my friends know about it (in the UK) because of me watching it. Even though the majority haven't seen a single episode - I hope E4 does it justice. It's really a show that should be seen by all, and not just the 90210/One Tree Hill/Skins viewing audience that E4 has created for itself (which, is actually fine with me. I like having a more awesome version of The CW). It's irritating it doesn't have a HD channel, though.

Joss' camerawork, now I think about it, seems to fit right in with what Glee's is as well. So excited.

(Also, Dollhouse double-bill starts tomorrow on Sci-Fi UK - Good week!)
Oh. My. God.


This is epic news, my day just got a million times better!

I've squee'd my pants!
I think Glee is a mixed bag - from the sublime to the ridiculous - but some of it is just supernacular - and a little Joss-attention can only punch up what is good, and downplay what's kinda ordinary. Like anything that's been hyped to within an inch of its young life, it's got too much to live up to, and it doesn't stand up to all that. But - it's lots better than a lot that's on, and as Saje noted, it's good-hearted. I likes da music even when I don't.

I look forward to seeing what Joss does with his episode - hope he gets a good guest star, too.

For those of you that haven't been watching, the episode 5 cross-cut duet between Kristin Chenoweth and Glee regular Lea Michele/"Rachel" was frikkin' sublime. And Jane Lynch as "Sue Sylvester" is Liquid Evil. In a bottle. I love her.

I mean, er, um, I hate her guts. Kill her now.
I want to see what he could do with an episode of Mad Men.

Awesome, awesome things of sheer awesomeness would be my guess.

From your mouth to Matt Weiner's ear. (Possibly by way of Marti Noxon)

And by way of Christina Hendrix and Vincent Kartheiser.
Oh my. Well, that just went and brightened my day. I'm so in love with that show at the moment.
FWIW, if we all refer to him on Twitter as "#dollhouse's Joss Whedon", we can do a little guerrilla marketing here. ;)

Usual caution: Just don't abuse/spam to do so. Mainly, I'm just saying if you want to tweet "Joss Whedon directing an episode of Glee!" do it as "#dollhouse's Joss Whedon directing an episode of Glee!"
And Jane Lynch as "Sue Sylvester" is Liquid Evil.

Jane Lynch/Sue Sylvester is liquid evil. She revokes tanning privileges ! Even Stalin never did that ! And yep, Kristen Chenoweth has got pipes, no messing (no surprise either but it's nice to be reminded).

Joss directing Dexter would intrigue me greatly.

So long as he just directs. If Joss were to write an episode of 'Dexter' though ... Well, i'll get in early and say I really can't stand Debs either. Like, if a certain creator were to kill her it'd be no skin off my nose, wouldn't bat an eye, ain't no thang. Nope, no sirree...

(Are we scarred ? I think we might be scarred)
Hm, I guess I have to try this show now...
Joss + GLEE = *gleegasm*

So awesome! GLEE is my fave new show this season.
I think this is fantastic news. It would only be better if he ends up directing one of the episodes Jonathan Groff is in.

I know many people think Glee can be over the top but I just think that how Ryan Murphy does High School. Popular was even worse with the believability but was still great (season one only) and had Mary Cheery.
Pam Fryman doesn't direct every ep of himym categorically. She did all of S1 but has let others take the reins occasionally since. And a certain NPH is directing this year's Thanksgiving episode.
I'm with Simon on Dex. I immediately thought Dexter when the wishlisting started and the longer I think about it, the more sense it makes (there could even be a Micheal C. Hall musical number). But there better not be any Debra killing. Brrrr the tought alone. Nevermind, no Joss on Dexter it is then.

Joss directed How I Met Your Mother is something I'd like to see too. Atleast there he can't kill anybody (or can he?) And according to IMDB there were a few eps Pamela Fryman didn't direct, so maybe it wouldn't be impossible.

I only watched the pilot of Glee, not really my thing, I thought, but I suppose I'll watch the Joss episode. Maybe a good reason to give to whole thing another chance.

The first of Joss Office episodes felt very Jossian to me, the second did too but to a far lesser extend.
Hmm.. just reading through the comments here. I think the key to enjoying Glee is to appreciate its humour. I think it would be very easy to watch the show and get taken in by all the gloss and miss the point of it. But some things in it are so very darkly funny, in a way so different to any other show that comes to mind right now. I love the authenticity of the cast too (I think most/all are ex-theatre?).

I've just discovered True Blood recently, so I'm really feeling quite spoilt for television at the moment (and hell if I wouldn't love to see Joss' take on True Blood as well) plus I can't get the way Bill says "Sookie" out of my head, ahh it's so wonderful
Well, this is pretty fun news. Just started watching this last week, doing a bit of catch-up, after I read some of the hype. I wasn't impressed with all of it (I really don't like overly studio-produced efforts and when added to the very, very bad lip-synching, some of the music numbers aren't as good as they really should be), but most of it is good-natured fun. And now I have an extra reason to stick with it :).

Didn't realise before this show was done by the same person who did Popular. I really liked that show back when it aired on the WB. Cool :).
Hey kids and parents of kids and super-old, like ancestor-old-but-not-dead-yet-type people, just poking my oversized head in to say that the rumors are true... unless something very odd happens in the next few months, I will have the privilege of shooting an episode of GLEE. Why GLEE? Because I love cops, serial killers and gritty urban drama (I haven't seen the show yet). Why me? Because they're struggling and can't afford real directors. And to head off a few queries:

No, this doesn't mean Dollhouse definitely won't get a back nine. Our numbers mean that! But I kid. Okay, we're not exactly saving all the good stuff for 14-22, but nobody's closed the door. If D'House suddenly busts wide, huzzah, we'll still bring it, and I'll still go and direct an episode of Glee, because of my love of cops. These realities can co-exist. And possibly cross over, at least in fiction that I have wri - read. About.

What can we expect from a 'Joss Whedon' epsiode of Glee? An episode of Glee. God willin' and the crik don't rise, a good one. A television director's job is, on some level, to be anonymous; to find the most compelling way to present a story without calling attention to himself. I had a wonderful time doing just that on The Office, and hope to again. A guest director can bring a huge amount to the party (we've had CRAZY talent on Dollhouse), but the party isn't his. I just want to work with good people on a show that I like enough to have watched every episode several times. (I lied: I HAVE watched the show. And seriously, when do the cops show up?)

Whom will I kill? When will that go away? Is death really the only thing I'm known for? I'd hope not. You know how many people in the world actually die? ALL OF THEM. You know how many I've killed? Statistically, somewhat fewer. Can't we focus on another element of my work? Having said that, probably Principal Figgins. (No! I kid! God.)

Anyway, I hope that clears things up. I'm going to do my best, and more importantly, I'm going to do my best not to gush like a fanboy for eight straight days on set. Don't worry. I practiced with Bamber. I'm a pro.

Happy Monday. Especially for me. -j.
I <3 purple prose.
JOSS: "You know how many people in the world actually die? ALL OF THEM. You know how many I've killed? Statistically, somewhat fewer."

See, that's the thing I always think when folks actually ( & not kiddingly ; >) go off about The Jossian Killing Sprees.

It should be the others that get crap for not killing characters, which is the hackneyed device - keeping everybody safe - unlike in life - so people will feel comforted & then (hopefully) coming back...

'Cause, you know, death happens - constantly - a little inevitable detail we in this culture especially like to forget.

Congrats, Jossir, on this gig. It's a happy.

ETF: little spelling detal detail.

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RIP Principal Figgins ;)
No, this doesn't mean Dollhouse definitely won't get a back nine.

Thanks for commenting. Good to know this doesn't mean anything about the Dollhouse back nine.
GLEEful JOSSgasm! I'm really hoping for a huzzah back-nine moment for D'House too. Thanks for poppin in to make Monday not so blah.
If Principal Figgins does kick the bucket, I need it to be from "kidney stones" in a little cross-Friendsian serendipity.

'Cause if he was eaten by jackal-kids, it would just be wrong.
Ah, sweet happy day. Whenever His Purpleness pops in here to post purple prose, I smile. He always manages to wrap news/enlightenment in the cloth of wit.

Agreed, QuoterGal, on the statistical truth of the death/killing artistic choice. Such a good point. And one made by the man himself.
I expect to see some singing possessed hyenas then.
Wow! Have fun Joss :) Make it a good one! Glad Dollhouse isn't given up on yet.

Joss. Commented. On. A. Post. I. Posted.

::more pure joy::
FWIW, I didn't tweet about dead people. I tweeted about bats.
QuoterGal... THANK YOU! It's been bugging me trying to place where I recognized him from!! (of course, now I'll keep hearing 'kidney stooones' in my head. :P )
Well I had a long rant written, but then the Great Purple One himself came, so I deleted it all.

I'm happy Joss is happy doing this. I'm glad some others are happy with this.

I simply have no interest in the show, or any sort of happy, singing, highschool show. I hated highschool, and I don't like happy shows with normal people. I'm a normal person, I have no interest in it. Especially with singing. I love Dr. Horrible and Once More with Feeling, but those are not normal musicals. They are about monsterslayers and monsters, and supervillian/heroes. My other favorite musicals are similarly about robots and aliens (Futurama musical episode) or a magic fellow (Jesus Christ Superstar). Average musicals, especially with kids, especially set in highschool, are not my cup of caffeinated drink.

I just hope that this can somehow save Dollhouse. And it depresses me that after all this time trying to pimp Dollhouse on twitter, it takes some other Fox show to get Joss on Twitter.

But darn it, I can't stay angry at you Joss. Your stuff has always been great, and I of course have absolutely no right to demand you work on anything in particular. So I hope you have fun, and I hope that you also get to do some directing on the Dollhouse back 9. Back in the real world, I hope that maybe you get to work on Serving Girl. :) But whatever it is, I'm sure it will be great.

Also, thank you for the Summery goodness this season, as well Alexis, and the Ackeriffic season. I can't wait for the rest of the episodes.
This is fantastic! Dollhouse and Glee are my two favorite tv shows right now. I'll be avidly looking forward to Joss's episode.
So does this open the door to my Grand Scheme of having ads for Dollhouse consisting of Glee characters in Adelle's office explaining their engagement needs? ;)

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We can understand "Why Glee?", but Joss, Gag worthy.

That pairing earns a hearty "Blargh!" from me.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2009-10-19 23:49 ]
Maybe let's not discuss Dollhouse plot points in a thread that's not about Dollhouse plot points, for those not wanting to read them?
Students eating the principal, vampires, werewolves, bats-- that's all so cliche now for high school. I expect to just see Glee with good direction, like the last episode where the musical numbers were better tied to what was going on with the characters, especially Quinn. :)

I wouldn't complain if Terri developed some layers though. She is currently kind of awful.

I simply have no interest in the show, or any sort of happy, singing, highschool show. I hated highschool, and I don't like happy shows with normal people.

The show has a core of profound unhappiness despite some joyous musical numbers. It feels a little bleak actually once the music stops and you think about what all just happened. Especially the Kristin Chenoweth episode. It's not unlike Buffy in that respect. The dialogue can be pretty brutal. It just has dance instead of fight scenes and singing talents instead of superpowers.
Thanks for the update Joss. Again...
Rachel, the Singing Slayer
Think about it. And if you can, Sweet and Sue Sylvester in a love duet. It'll be Halloween in April..ish
ETA: we should have asked him about Powers #1, and whether he's really a super-villian in those comic panels we saw yesterday

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OMG!!!!! *fangirl sqee*

Joss--words can't express my excitement! I can't wait!!! WOO HOO! *does dance of joy*
I was already excited about this, for all the aforementioned reasons. I've been watching and loving Glee like many of you. I was Netflixing Popular not that long ago, and really missing the WB and that level of high school TV show and hating Gossip Girl and all its ilk. Then Glee came along and it's just about perfect. I've been enjoying it immensely.

Exciting stuff, I'm excited, Twitter is excited, Joss is posting on Whedonesque. It's a good day.
Joss-ness!!! Did you know that you're trending ABOVE HALLOWEEN
Yeah, not really worried that he can't juggle Dollhouse and a one-shot guest directing gig at the same time. I mean, seeing as he managed three shows at once back when, this should be nothing comparatively.
Best news all week. And thank you Joss for stopping by!
Two of my favorite worlds colliding!!!!
Joss post.
Me Gleeful.
That pairing earns a hearty "Blargh!" from me.

I made part of that comment invisible to hide the spoiler and I'd appreciate if people with comments on Dollhouse plot developments make them in the appropriate threads and not here where it's neither on topic nor under a spoiler tag.
Joss told me I'm wrong. Must be Monday. I'm always grateful to be wrong 'cos I want those 22 Dollhouse episodes like I want 22 waffles. That's a lot. Everybody involved deserves to be working.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-10-19 23:53 ]
Heh. And here I was thinking: wow, this thread has really exploded since I posted. I'm nothing if not self-centered ;).

Anywayyy... that was a fun and usefull update. But our favorite joss out of all the, eh, josses we know shouldn't worry. He's not only known for death. There's also been some buzz about his Power Hands of Doomô lately, courtesy of Saje and Pointy. Which, y'know, upside. I guess.
Waffles are delicious.

Also, joss, you always bring the funny. Thanks for that. Don't worry, you're not only known for death! You're known for feminism, death, funny and death. It's like a plate of spam, baked beans, egg, sausage and spam from that one Monty Python sketch. It's not all spam. Err...

Looking forward to your episode of Glee and to that 14-22 of Dollhouse! ;)
I want those 22 Dollhouse episodes like I want 22 waffles.


I'm happy about the Glee thing, because it makes Joss happy and gets him trending on twitter, and those are goods in my book. But as far as the show itself--I watch, I mostly enjoy, but I ultimately I don't care all that much.

But I'm happy that Joss is happy, and happy for Joss/Glee fans, and seriously happy that Dollhouse still has a shot at the back nine.
Ah Joss, I heart you. Thanks for commenting! It's always lovely to hear from you, especially when you are calming our fears!
I have been watching Glee, but I admit I don't totally love it. My reasons: I don't like that the jock in Glee is kinda stupid (always asking what not-that-hard words mean), I'm so over that stereotype. And I don't like how it could've been the show about the high-school everyman (as opposed to GossipGirl type shows), when really it mainly just focuses on the two 'pretty' kids in the Glee Club.
What I do like about it: the musical numbers. I also totes love that the background music is scat-like vocals.
And I will keep watching, since I am VERY excited to see a Joss-directed epi. Woot!
So completely thrilled to hear this news. It's an excellent pairing! :)
So you're saying some jokes get old. Shazam.
I lobe you Joss.
Very excited, I'm really enjoying Glee.
I wasn't expecting this, but it's wonderful news! Glee is one of the best new shows of the year, if not the very best.
Heh, I like what AICN has to say about Whedonesque:

Whedonesque uses CET, as we all know, because Whedon lives in Albania.
That single line from Joss gave me so much hope.

I still can kinda see Sue stopping by the Dollhouse to hire out an active to destroy Glee. Maybe a newly transferred student named Missy who also happened to be in gymnastics and could bolster her Cheerios and also once was a back up singer to ... Wait, in hindsight Bring It On might not be a Fox franchise but my point still stands as a storm of dissimilar perfection. ^_^
I'm so excited about this news it's not even funny. I think Glee is probably the best new show of the year, but it definitely still has some kinks to work out. So maybe the excellent Whedon vision can do exactly that and turn this incredibly good show into a just plain brilliant show.
Glee is a fun show and I am constantly amazed at how much I like a song they do when normally I wouldn't give it the time of day. And I'm very happy for Jossir that he gets to direct a show he likes so much. It is a win all around.
So I've decided to simplify the whole thing. Me like Dollhouse. Dollhouse alive, so, me glad (with apologies to Xander Harris).

Glee? Gladder.
This is made of AWESOME!
I've had an incredibly awful couple of weeks, but this news makes all of that go away. BEST THING EVER. I love Glee, I can't wait!!!
Gonna have to watch Glee now. I just saw the first ten minutes of the pilot. Not quite sure what to make of it yet! But I'll watch anything so that Joss's episode makes sense. I'm so excited and pleased :)
Two of my favourite things currently on television just collided in an explosion of fantastic. Like one of those car crashes in action movies but with singing and quirkiness. And instead of running away from the sudden ball of flame that threatens to engulf everyone, I'm running gleefully toward it.
Kill 'em all, Joss. Let God sort them out.
I'm just gonna flail. And possibly talk some of the Gleeks I know into finally giving Dollhouse a chance. I mean, there's singing sometimes.
So so so so so so so so EXCITED!
To watch this or not is a sudden and painful dilemma.
To watch this or not is a sudden and painful dilemma.

For me too. I stopped after three episodes because the show really never delivered the punch "Don't Stop Believin'" promised in the pilot. But now... hmmm.
You know how many people in the world actually die? ALL OF THEM.

Well, except me right ? Death is something that happens to other people. Right ? *nervously laughs* ... Right ?

(we're just kiddin' re: death your purpleness, we know you're more than just a pretty corpse maker. And congrats on the gig, have a blast ;)
Yay, Joss has posted, I've not seen Glee yet as it's not came to the UK yet, but I hear only good thing about it, so I look forward to when it does come over here, especially now Joss is directing an episode!
Haven't watched Glee, but this sounds like a fun pairing--for everybody.
Thank you, god of TV, for answering my prayers.
For me too. I stopped after three episodes because the show really never delivered the punch "Don't Stop Believin'" promised in the pilot. But now... hmmm.

I actually felt episode four was the best of the bunch so far (I've only seen four so far), wiesengrund, so I'd say: give it at least one more.

(Funny how all of us - me included, by the way - 'judge' shows on just a few eps when that annoys us if they're shows we love, like Dollhouse :))
His PURPLENESS returns to high school. How we have missed thee.
Funny how all of us - me included, by the way - 'judge' shows on just a few eps when that annoys us if they're shows we love, like Dollhouse :)

Yes, but early judgment is pretty much unavoidable. Critique, however, can always stand to be better substantiated. Iíve watched all seven episodes of Glee and find the writing doggerel, self-asserting, stereotyped and almost completely without value. That opinion may catapult me into a small minority here, judging by the comments so far, but I donít think Iím alone in rather wishing Joss wouldnít waste his time with this.
Well, I'm hoping that Joss befriends the cast & finds a role for Chris Colfer in Dr. Horrible 2.
Mr. Joss Sir--
Thanks for the post! Please DO kill someone. That would be hilarious--I can almost hear the promo voice-over, "Tune in for a very special holiday episode of Glee..."

Here's the scenario, its Christmas time and the Glee kids are putting on a holiday pageant and maybe one of the kids gets a sudden case of "missle-toe" (obviously, this is an affliction that causes ones foot to rocket up towards the sky). Meanwhile, the entire school is discussing and debating whether or not this is a real affliction or some made up thing. The tension builds until we finally see one of the Cheerios rocketing towards the heavens, foot first.

Instant. Holiday. Classic.
Fantastic news. Clearly, waiting in line for show panels at Comic Con leads to great things!
Oh, oh, oh...
The excitement! How fantastic, two of my favourite things combining. I'm pretty much safely assuming this will be the greatest episode of Glee ever. Statistics indicate this.

Now, back to gasping incoherently with happiness and the like!
Just adding here that I have been loving Glee, and a Joss-directed
Glee will be even more full of joy and mirth!
I am shouting with gLee! I LOVE this show. Singing and high school drama! Well, I know High School Musical was just this, but well, it's not as great as Glee =) My hero and my favorite new show. Horray!

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