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October 19 2009

Reed Diamond on Castle right now. Sharing the screen with Nathan...

Mr. Dominic has escaped from the attic!
And the professor from the last episode of Dollhouse, right?
That's what I was going to say! I didn't realize he was going to be on Castle this week. (not surprised he .)

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Mr. Dominic would totally get into the Evil League of Evil!
Reed and Nathan together on screen? That sounds absolutely delicious. The DVR is set!
It was a great episode. Had to watch it twice. And the preview of next week several times. Gonna be a good one. Vampires and Browncoats! Whoo-hoo!
Anyone else squee and get all goofy when they saw that clip in the preview?

No? Just me, then? Damn, I'm sadder than I thought.

It wasn't just you.
Don't worry, ShadowQuest- there was some excessive "Yay!"-ing in my house, too. =)
Had to watch the preview twice.


...*dainty cough*

Ahem. ;)
Yeah, Dr. Dominic and a split second of the Captain! There was a great deal of squeeing in my apartment tonight. *Hmm, I think it's worth noting the context of that last sentence...
So happy to see the "brown coat". I can't wait for next week!
This is one of the only times I regret my familiarity with a large number of actors... when somebody like Reed Diamond is the guest on a show like Castle, it's a pretty good bet that he'll turn out to be the murderer. Anything else would be below his pay grade, right? Still a good mystery, though, and I thought he did a great job playing somebody who thinks he's a good person...

And *squee* at next week's trailer, too!
Reed Diamond is still part Mr. Dominic, part Jack Vasser, and part Detective Mike Kellerman to me, and two of those three are good cops, so I at least had hope he wasn't the killer. =)
Does anyone know where I can find the preview for next week's episode? I no longer have cable & therefore didn't watch Castle last night so I missed the bundle of awesome. I checked youtube & alas, found nothing.
Oh, Dominic. I love that asshole.

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