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October 19 2009

Why I Watch releases promo for Friday's Dollhouse. This week's Sierra-centric episode gets its own fan promo designed to help draw in viewers as Dollhouse returns from its one-week baseball preemption.

These are what FOX NEEDS to be airing! Another brilliant promo, Whyiwatch!
Wow, that one had some kick.

Who did that song?
Honestly, ManEnoughToAdmit? The song kinda feels like something from Bjork...but it's sung better (personally find Bjork's singing ability to be scattershot) IMO. Still, Fox needs to pick these up ASAP...cuz they're making their own advertising wonks look REAAALLLY bad ;D
I was loving the promo right from the start, but the moment all the Polaroids moved by in a row quickly gave the promo a very official feel. whyiwatch is just knocking them out of the park.

The song is called "If You Go Away" and the singer is Emiliana Torrini, fairly well known for Gollum's Song from LotR. Her song "Summerbreeze" was used in the Buffy episode "Into the Woods."
Personally I think Emiliana Torrini is a poor man's version of Bjork... not to say that she's dull, but Bjork is amazing.
Hah. I thought it was Torrini -- but I mostly meant the thrust of the ad, not the music. The music was interesting but the text was a bit more powerful, tying ordinary everyday disappearances into the Dollhouse mythology....
Guys, these aren't right for TV. They're way too long, too slow, and the use of still images isn't near dynamic enough for an advertising campaign. Your average Joe watching that on the box would tune out and turn off halfway through.

Beautifully done? Yes. They look great. Amazing in fact. But they're fan vids for the net, nothing more.
Very cool, I think the idea could be used for TV if the stills were replaced with clips.
Nice work, these. Yes, too long for TV, but perfect for the net-campaign being done by whyiwatch, which was obviously the point :). Very good job.
I actually agree with VaughnOfTheDead. I'm not a video editor and TV is a medium that requires fast movement. The one thing I wish Fox would do in their promos is start telling concise stories, not just using clips as "this is kind of, maybe, what happens in next week's episode".

One of the main issues in selling Dollhouse to new viewers is that the concept is complex and not easily summarized. With every promo, I keep aiming to take an angle of that complexity and reduce it to a simple pitch that retains attractiveness. I'm not sure these would be successful for a general audience, but the goal online is to go after the thoughtful viewer and convince him/her that the show is worth a try. To that end, if any of you have ideas how to reach a non-whedonite audience online, I'm all ears.
Yay!! SO good :)
I don't think Torrini is a poor man's version of Björk any more. Maybe she was back in the 90s when she released her debut, but the work she is doing now is really original and very different to Björk.
well I don't know all of her music, so I could very well be wrong flugufrelsarinn.
Miracle just tweeted whyiwatch's Friday promo, FYI.

Re: other ways to promo, if anyone knows producers of video podcasts or stream events that think their audience might be receptive to Dollhouse, I've been doing a series of short (15-second) teaser promos at What Is The Dollhouse that they could drop in without taking up too much time.
Don't forget to Digg the new Why I Watch promo today.

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