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October 19 2009

The Cleveland Show wishes for more Buffy on TV. 11 minutes and 39 seconds into the latest episode, a giant, talking Bear (named Tim) prays to the Big Sky Bully to bring back the live-action adventures of The Slayer.

Additionally, the latest episode of American Dad which also aired this past weekend features a cat named Buffy. Make of that what you will. :)

Funny moment in an otherwise annoying McFarlane show.


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American Dad is my favorite. I can watch Roger the Alien all day.
Doesn't Steve (I think that's the son's name?) call himself "Joss" around 4 minutes (American Dad) as well? Or am I hearing things??
Well, maybe McFarland can give up his massive amount of ill-used broadcast time for a return of aforementioned Slayer.
For some reason I was never able to really get into any of the McFarland shows. They're cool when you're zapping through and got nothing to watch, but never felt like appointment tv for me.

But the shout out is really cool.
I like them all. Family Guy, Cleveland, American Dad. All better than Dollhouse IMO. And the shout outs are fun.
@sunshineguinn - Oh, you're so right! I completely forgot about that! In an effort to seem cool at camp, Steve DOES call himself JOSS! It's been such a Whedon-tastic few days, it's hard to keep up with all the references. Good call.

@CowboyCliche - I concur. American Dad is my preferred favorite of the list as well. It has more laughs per minute, it's more clever and unpredictable and the voice talent is outstanding. Scott Grimes has been consistently Emmy-worthy for years on this show.

@didifallasleep - I'd have to more or less agree with you as well. While I tend to find at least a couple more things to laugh at each episode more than you, much of The Cleveland Show to me does seem to come off as flat and uninspired. I think much of that has to do with some of the voices on the show. While the jokes may seem amusing on paper, the way they are chosen to be delivered just doesn't feel right to me. The overweight son is often too monotone, too one-note and Tim the Bear has a weird foreign accent for no good reason, it seems. I would prefer he sound more natural. Isn't it quirky enough that he's a giant, talking Bear in a tie who works at a cable company?
It's Seth MacFarlane, folks; at least get the name right. I don't like the show, either, but Seth personally is hilarious.
I always confuse him with Todd McFarlane, so I keep thinking his last name must be different.
@zeitgeist - I believe it should be Spwn'd! :-)

in general, I really like American Dad and Family Guy. I'm giving "Cleveland" time to grow. I enjoyed the Bear in this week's show (that may have been due to the Buffy reference though).
Groo, that's like comparing life-like apples and cartoon oranges.

But the reference is a plus since MacFarlane's shows do draw in a big crowd.
CrazzyKidBen is of course right in pointing out that my comparison with Dollhouse was silly. Painted apples and real-life oranges (or the other way around) and not even altogheter true either (I have to admit I like Dollhouse at the very least as much as the Cleveland Show). I just felt defensive of Seth MacFarlane and the shows, since the thread seemed to become overtly negative and, while The Cleveland Show is far from perfect and Family Guy has its ups and downs, I do feel the massive amount of the Seth critism I sometimes come across is quite unfair.

Yet to see the latest American Dad and Cleveland Show episodes (and Family Guy for that matter), so I'm looking forward to the Whedon references.

[ edited by the Groosalugg on 2009-10-20 18:20 ]
I occasionally watch Family Guy, and I used to laugh a lot; but I felt really dirty afterward.

Now I usually just roll my eyes and move on. The Cleveland Show seemed... less appealing still.

Still, nice to know that McFarlane knows who's good.
It was a Whedon-y night that night! First, Tim the Bear prayed for Jesus to bring back BtVS. Then later on American Dad, Steve referred to himself as Joss *and* the cat (the CIA agent infiltrated his mind) was named Buffy.

The first two were mentioned already, but I thought I'd mention Buffy the cat as well, cause the whole night had lots of little references. Very cool :)
Neat - although I have to say I gave up on The Cleveland Show after a couple of episodes. It's not really hitting it in my book - or I'm failing to get something, I dunno which.

Family Guy is my secret guilty pleasure, and it's really all down to Stewie (my cartoon hero) and Brian (the only Furrie I like. *shiver*). Not as crazy about American Dad - although I agree with CowboyCliche about Roger the Alien (or the late Paul Lynde in alien drag).

Seth MacFarlane is a funny, funny, multi-talented man. To really experience the joy that is Seth, do, if you haven't, watch the (4-part) speech he gave to the 2006 Harvard Graduating class:

Part 1: as himself
Part 2: as Peter Griffin
Part 3: as Stewie Griffin (my personal favorite)
Part 4: as Quagmire
You can read the transcript here.

I also loved what he said to a group of striking writers at FOX - less funny, but very pithy - during the recent WGA strike.

The fact that he appreciates the Buffster only adds to my appreciation of him.
Stopped watching any MacFarlane works many years ago, but I agree with the love for the man himself. Very funny guy. I also liked his couple episodes on Gilmore Girls, teehee.
Had no idea he wrote for Gilmore. Interesting! Nice to see some more positive and nuanced comments.
QuoterGal beat me to it, but I was going to allude having seen Roger the Alien plenty in Bye Bye Birdie, Bewitched and the old Hollywood Squares long, long ago.
Family guy is a little over it's prime, but for a few seasons their... 4-7 it was seriously hillarious... American dad was never as good, but now I'd say that it's better than current family guy.

by the way, Seth Macfarlane also appeared on Gilmore girls as one of the people who was graduating alongside Loralai.. he had a go at her for having a rich family.
I think Tim the Bear's accent is supposed to be Russian or maybe Slavic, as a reference to Circus Bears, perhaps?

btw... there are those who call me ..."Tim".

*in my best Monty Python voice*

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