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October 20 2009

Dollhouse season 2 premieres tonight in the UK. The SciFi Channel will be showing 'Vows' at 10pm and then 'Instinct' at the show's normal time of 11pm. In related news, ITV4 will be showing the first season on Mondays at 9pm starting next week.

Hurrah! Really looking forward to seeing this on a big monster screen.

Great to see S1 on freeview too.

Would love to know why they decided to show season 2 at 11pm instead of 9pm like they did for season one.
There is a comment on the thread following the article that says:

WE ARE CURRENTLY HAVING PROBLEMS WITH OUR SCHEDULE, WE APOLOGISE FOR THE DELAY IN FIXING THIS & HOPE TO GET IT WORKING SOON. Dollhouse Season 2 will run as follows: Its first week will run double bills and show on a Friday too.(Tues)20/10-Ep1 at 10pm.Ep2 at 11pm. (Thurs)22/10: Ep1 at 11pm.Ep2 at 12pm. (Fri+Sun)23/10+25/10: Ep1 at 8pm.Ep2 at 9pm.The weeks after the 1st will run as...Tues 10pm. Thurs 11pm. Sunday 8pm. We hope this helps. SCIFI.CO.UK

Is that remotely true?
Any news on iTunes UK? The new episodes don't seem to be up yet.
According to SciFi's schedule my above quote is wrong, Simon is right. There's a double bill of Dollhouse tonight, then it shifts to single episodes at 11pm, with Warehouse 13 filling the 10pm slot. The 9pm slot is vacant from November onwards. Odd.
11pm? Selfishly 11pm works for my TV watching schedule but it isn't very good for a casual viewer. I wonder if it's an editing thing?
The episodes are up on iTunes UK now.

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