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October 20 2009

Nominees selection for the 2010 People's Choice Awards is open for voting. You can vote for Dollhouse (Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show), NPH (Favorite TV Comedy Actor) and Alyson Hannigan (Favorite TV Comedy Actress). If your favorite's not there, you can enter your own suggestions as well.

Thanks gossi for the heads-up!

Don't forget to write in Dollhouse for TV Obsession, as well.
I've been adding in Nathan and Castle where I can as well.
It began repeating categories for me after a while. Anyone else experience the same?

I have to say though, the nominations for the movie section were quite bad in places. Meh. Maybe I'm not a People's Choice Awards kind of person.
I've been writing in Nathan and Castle wherever possible in the TV categories, and I wrote in Alan Tudyk for the Movie Acting categories. I also wrote in Defying Gravity for Sci Fi Show, because I feel it deserved a nod. -I also wrote in Serenity under favorite franchise, because, you know, it Should be!

You need to login for your vote to count, btw.

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You need to login for your vote to count, btw.

You sure? Cause the main page suggest that you can vote as a guest too.
I know, but that voting over and over thing only happens when you're not logged in. Also, their motto for joining is, "Make your vote count! Become a member!" -Kind of implies that non-registered votes don't count, donchathink?
It's not totally clear IMO. It says "Join ... to voice your choice, year round !" i.e. if you join you can take part in ALL the polls, it doesn't specifically say you need to for this one.

Put it this way, i've voted on some categories but if I have to register for it to count then I guess I won't be counted. Somehow I suspect i'll find a way to carry on regardless.

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