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October 20 2009

Joss Whedon charms SciFi Wire. SciFi Wire shares with us the witty and charming note written by Joss that was sent with screeners of the next two episodes of Dollhouse.

Screeners! Hallelujah! And much as I enjoy Joss's hilarious frankness, it still makes me sad to hear him talk about Dollhouse's tiny audience.
I know I'm gonna sound all Finke, but: Toldya! There was much nagging and poking from me about this, and all credits to Fox for sendin' 'em out.

Press peeps should sit down and watch. Watch 4. If you don't like it, moan at me. I'm loudly confident you will love it.
Hey if they don't want to watch it or don't like it, send those screeners to me!
Ahhh...that charm! *swoon* :D

I love when others notice it,why I've crushed on him for years. I am, admittedly, embarassingly, a total fangirl, and Joss is King.

Krusher, fight ya for it! ;)
Fangirl?? oh noes.. Have at it please, you gals are crazy!
LOL...some of us are. I don't like have any need to stalk him or anything but I do have a tendency to gush like a tween when I read or watch interviews of him.

I'm not *that* bad!
Yay screeners! And big thanks for gossi for being a pain in the Fox. ;)
but I do have a tendency to gush like a tween when I read or watch interviews of him.

I have the same with Miracle *blush*

Guess where even now :P
What the hell ? Turns out Joss is really funny, why didn't he let on before by creating 13-ish seasons of TV sprinkled with grade A witticisms ?

Oh. Right.
Millions. Viewers in the millions. Millions. It's a fun word to say. Millions.
If we're trading who has the silliest crush on Joss, um, I own the domain name


So glad the screeners went out.

International Job Submission?
Institute of Jesuit Sources?
Indian Journal of Surgery?
Irrational Jedi Symposium.
Indiana Jones Septuagenarian ?
Ipanema Juggling Society ?
Internal Juice Stagnation ?
Incredulous Jalopy Syndrome ?
IJS? as in the Dutch word for ice?

Yum.. icecream!
If we're trading who has the silliest crush on Joss, um, I own the domain name
Kiba | October 21, 03:32 CET

Well, my password on a site which shall remain unnamed (not this one or any 'verse related site) is jossisgod. Someplace I joined a few years ago, I was surprised it wasn't taken. ;)

In Jungian Servitude?

That was my shadow's guess, I got nothin'.
None of you bothered to actually look up the true meaning of IJS: It's the new judging system implemented by the International Skating Union.

Clearly, this has to be it.

[ edited by wiesengrund on 2009-10-21 09:00 ]
Don't know whether or not that had irony attached wisengrund, but I clear my life (as much as possible) for the winter Olympics - and yes, figure skating is my favorite event.

you must be a fan, otherwise you wouldn't know about the revised judging system. :)

Skiing is a close second, especially downhill.

Incorrigible Jossian Syndrome?


[ edited by Shey on 2009-10-21 09:40 ]
Don't know why there should be irony attached, but I'm actually not a fan, no. I just looked it up. :)

Maybe Joss has a past in figure skating and Kiba determined that Joss is a hottie via the IJS?

Or it stands for Institute for Jazz Studies.
IJS=I'm just sayin'.

However, being a HUGE SW fan, I think I prefer ManEnoughToAdmitIt's Irrational Jedi Symposium

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