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October 20 2009

John Cassaday talks about directing Dollhouse. The acclaimed comic book artist reveals how he came to get the gig and what it's like directing episodic tv.

Cool article, do we know which episode he directed/will be directing? I couldn't find that bit of info in the piece.
He says they'll have been playing the characters for 22 or 23 episodes when he steps up so that's around episode 9 or 10 I guess. Looking forward to seeing what Cassaday does with 'Dollhouse' as well as his other filmic projects.

And Planety ! Woot. Been buying them in trade so I still have to wait another few months. Still, managed it this long ;).
Looking at what we know so far, I'd guess he's doing ep 10.
The only upcoming episode that does not have a director listed on Wikipedia is "The Public Eye" but from the interview it sounds like Cassaday has yet to direct the episode so it will probably be episode ten (written by Jed and Maurissa I think?) or beyond.
Ballard was FBI, not CIA, wasn't he?
Yep, zz9...Paul was a proud G-man, though people like to argue he's not a great one. I like to think he's just a fellow cosmic buttbuddy whom Fate like to screw with. AKA he's got skillz but he gets too much on his white charger to ride off against apparent windmills to see he's getting yanked around by the PTB ;)
I love how Joss is making Cassaday's dream come true, especially since his work on X-Men was cinematic, epic and an impressive third adjective like fab but bigger. Big things will happen in his episode and subsequent career.

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Cool. I can't wait to see what he brings to the show.
I loved the answer to the "walk us through what it takes to direct an episode" (paraphrasing) question.

Following wisengrund's link, I'm thrilled to see there's another ep coming with Tim Minear as writer and director. Much better fit than Minear/Solomon, IMO.
As much as I loved Belle Chose, it wasn't for the direction. Solomon is a good straight-forward director, but I prefer directors with a little more out-on-the-edge, off center texture to their work.

EF:typo .... and yet another (I should be asleep)

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