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October 20 2009

Castle picked up for full season. ABC has picked up a back-nine order for Season 2!

Go Nathan! I just watched last night's Castle on DVR. It was fun seeing commercials featuring Morena Baccarin for V in the breaks, and it almost looked like he was wearing a Malcolm Reynolds costume for the Halloween episode. I like Castle bunches.
All l can say is sweeet! It's a great show with 2 main characters who have great chemistry.
Huzzah! Love this show and anything that means Nathan is on my TV regularly is awesome.
I started watching this show at the beginning of the first season cuz Nathan was the star. Gotta say. . .I'm really loving it right now. And is Nathan THE most charming guy on TV or what? Man crush? Me? Nahhh. . .
Had to sell my U2 tix (in the elipse) for tonight's show because of my busted foot. So this has cheered me up quite a bit. So very happy to have more of the Captain coming my way.
Ouch, madmolly, sorry to hear that. =(

As far as Castle, I was not impressed with the pilot. Then the rest of the season got really good. And this season is even better. Last week's ep with the con man was hilarious. If you haven't seen the show, I recommend it (watch it here).
Woo Hoo!!! SO happy for Nathan, it is a great show!
Great news! I'm not surprised because it is a great show, and Nathan is wonderful in it (and besides, the book is a Best Seller!).
This disappoints me, but only because Fillion was on the potential cast list for a film I want to work on in March, and Castle was in the way of him doing it.

But great for him. It's a fun show.
If they didn't pick up this show, I am not sure what they could be thinking. Only thing I watch on ABC.
Wonderful news, and he and Stana certainly deserve it. :D

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Awesomeness, I really like the show!
Woot! Go Nathan! I'm really loving the chemistry he has with Stana.
Happy for Nathan and everyone involved. Really enjoying the show. jubal lives (and everyone else), if you aren't watching Modern Family on ABC as well, then you are really missing out on the best comedy to come along in years.
Great news - can I recommend the powers that be, give it a UK screening or dvd release?
I'm annoyed that this isn't on UK telly yet as well. There's only so patient a man can be. We have plenty if channels for it to air on - Hallmark, Living; they love their procedurals. God knows why Sky1 opted for NCIS: LA over this.
I watched the pilot. I loved Nathan in it, but otherwise didn't care that much for the show. I still plan on checking out more episodes, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Glad to hear it gets better.

BTW, any word on plans to bring Alan Tudyk in as a guest? When I saw him at a con earlier this year, he said it was a possibility if the show went to season 2.
Castle has really grown into a fun show to watch. There are moments I watch over and over on my Tivo for their sheer hilarity (the scene in which Castle confronts Beckett in the ladies room while she's trying to secretly read his new book comes to mind - the faces Ms. Katic made were priceless). I mostly enjoy the humorous aspects of the show, but the actors really can pull-off the serious emotions when called for. Bottom line is that it's a really enjoyable hour of TV on Monday nights and it deserves a full season. Congratulations to team Castle!
Glad to hear it. Its a fun show and the actors have great chemistry with one another.

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