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October 20 2009

Trailer for 'The Expendables', featuring Charisma Carpenter. And almost everyone else who's ever been in an action movie.

She's featured at 2:33.

For one second.

An entire second.

Wow. This is going to be an amazing trainwreck. Epic.
I guess I blinked, cause I missed her the first time, so... had a reason to rewatch. So bad it's good?
Definitely. Rocky Balboa was a surprisingly good drama, and Rambo (with Julie Benz) was such a fun, over-the-top, unapologetic throwback to old-school 80s' action! I'm perfectly happy to see Stallone continuing down that path and making the movies he wants to make. This movie looks like it doesn't take itself too seriously and just wants to entertain. Just off this trailer, I get the sense that everyone worked really hard but had lots of fun making the movie, so I hope that sense of high-octane glee will be infectious and translate to the big screen. :)
I'm just thrilled Charisma's role didn't get cut from the film due to re-writes like Brittany Murphy's character.
Wow I think I grew more chest hair just watching that trailer.

It looks rather mindless, but in the best way possible. It seems like it's going for a throw-back to the over the top and relatively low budget action movies of the 80's which are super fun.
Wow, that really is everyone who's ever been in an action movie.

Special attention seems to have been paid to quips. I like quips.
In case anyone else was wondering (but was too lazy to IMDB like I almost was) that is David Zayas in it too, aka Angel Batista from Dexter.

Heard about this film a while ago from a friend's boyfriend whose a total action...nut? What's the correct term? Regardless, not my kinda thing.
this should be great. total antithesis to all the really overthinky overwrought action movies in the last 10 years.

the trailer somehow doesn't seem to have as much energy as i expected.

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