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October 21 2009

Who's the best vampire series heroine? E!Online is having a vote to find out the best Vampire series starting off with the best Heroine. Between Buffy, True Blood,and Vampire Diaries.

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Subject line's a little misleading. None of those girls are heroines who are vampires. Heroines from series that feature or focus on vampires, yes.

I only watched the first episode of The Vampire Diaries and one of the major turn-offs was its main character (seemed boring on a scale of Liz from Roswell--not completely trashing that series, liked a lot of the other actors/characters on it). It also seemed to be every cliché in the book with nothing new under the sun. It had some eye candy and it had Ian Somerhalder (Boone from Lost and, more impressively, Paul from Rules of Attraction would likely be his best-known roles prior to Vamp Diaries), but otherwise didn't seem to have much else going for it. I wasn't in the mood to give it a fair shot, the premiere had next to nothing to tempt me back the following week.

For those watching--has it gotten any better ? Redeeming qualities ?

The article saying that all three are essentially the same show...Buffy and True Blood are very different animals, despite the superficial set-ups for the blonde main characters (Spike didn't come along as a love interest until much further into the show's life, compared to how quickly True Blood has integrated its main blonde vamp into Sookie's life).
I have a (bad?) habit of fast-forwarding through cringe-worthy moments of TV shows. Watching the first episode of Vampire Diaries took me about two minutes.

It's like someone overheard a terrible description of Buffy ("It's a teenage soap opera. With vampires!") and then made the most pedestrian, worst possible TV series based on that concept.
Present company excepted of course, I'd vote for True Blood. I tried watching it ages ago but only saw the first episode and wasn't much of a fan, but I just picked it up again and have literally today finished the first season, and it's so good.

Oh, yeah, and Sookie rules. Did I mention that?
Not seen 'Twilight' but if 'True Blood' (which I enjoy a lot BTW) is more subtle then I think that's more a comment on the unsubtlety of 'Twilight' personally ;). Sookie's definitely brave and mentally strong but certainly in season 2, she seems to spend a fair amount of time telling people she's not afraid of them and then having to be rescued when they show exactly why she should be.

Watched the first two or three 'Vampire Diaries' and felt i'd pretty much got the gist, not watched any more and very likely won't. If it's a show i'm interested in it'll get at least 6 episodes to win me over (almost no-matter how bad they are) but with stuff I already don't much fancy 2 or 3 eps are usually enough to tell if i'm going to be pleasantly surprised or, y'know, not so much.

So it's Buffy for me (shocked gasps from the gallery ;) but since I think this poll could be retitled "What poll will get us the most hits from dedicated online fans ?" i'm choosing to decline to vote/give hits.
No contest --- Sookie St. James!

Wait. Wrong genre.

Buffy, d -to the- uh!
Buffy for me as well. I love Sookie but I've only seen the one season so far and can't wait to see season 2. But, Buffy was just such an epic character and it was Buffy that opened the door to all these other movies, books, & other tv series coming out.
No contest here... Buffy of course. I love True Blood but Sookie can annoy the crap out of me, though she is getting a bit better. Still, no where close to Buffy.

As an aside: am amazed at the number of superficial plot similarities between True Blood and Twilight (can read minds, except for that very special person; can transform into a dog -- but not a werewolf!). Somehow True Blood manages to use the same basic premise, but use it in such a more subtle and satisfying way.

On the Twilight/True Blood thing, I think this is more of a comment on Twilight as the book series that True Blood comes from was written years before Twilight.
Buffy for sure! I am totally biased but I think given her experience and longevity over arguably any vampire heroin makes her the objective choice as well.

Odd choice for a poll, why not who's the best vampire in a vampire series and use the same options and even add Angel..? Hmm.
I'm "guessifying" that this is the opener in a series of questions about the shows over the next 9 days . . . .
I only watched the first episode of The Vampire Diaries
For those watching--has it gotten any better ? Redeeming qualities ?

It's maybe too soon to tell but episode 4 onwards have had some great developments but it does lurch between characters doing smart intelligent things to the downright asinine. It's difficult to describe without giving spoilers.

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