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October 21 2009

Guardian review of Dollhouse's 'Vows' and 'Instinct'. Anna Pickard looks at the first two episodes of Season 2.


That seemed more like a recap to me. I'm not a fan of reviews that basically tell me what happened in the show and that is all. I watched the episode, I know what happens, give me some constructive criticism or praise. After reading that I can’t even tell if she liked it or not which is pretty weird considering she’s supposed to be reviewing the episode…

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Yeah I felt the same about her season 1 'reviews' I think they should probably be considered like you said a recap.
That was a step down from her season one reviews which were more substantial IMO (and also funnier), felt a bit rushed.

(I can tell they were more substantial BTW because, by and large, I disagreed with every substantive point she made in them, while being entertained by how she did it)
Yeah, these are a complete waste of time. Glorified recaps that barely hint as to what she thinks of the episode. And not very good recaps at that. What's the point?

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