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October 21 2009

Dollhouse receives attention on Australia's ABC Television. Dollhouse received some love on comedian John Safran's latest project on Australia's ABC, "John Safran's Race Relations". The first episode (which you can watch here) features Dichen Lachman as a participant in an unorthodox experiment.

"John Safran's Race Relations" is a satirical and comedic show which follows the journey of well known Australian comedian John Safran as he explores themes of inter-faith and interracial romance. The ABC has warned easily offended viewers to steer clear, but viewers who "know John's work and who he is ... will be guaranteed an entertaining and thought-provoking program".

Not Dichen's most in-depth interview, needless to say...
Lol. So funny. The scenes in the sperm banks were cringeworthy.
I forgot this was on TV tonight, I'm glad I caught it now. That was hilarious.
I also forgot this was on.. love John Safran

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