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October 21 2009

Sci-Fi's Best Second in Commands. Top ten list of the greatest number 2's in science fiction. The number one spot is particularly awesome.

Slightly "laddish" language aside, can't really argue too much with the no. 1 spot. Zoe is the badass's badass, even Mal and Jayne were wary of her, and yet she held on to her humanity through it all.

I'd bump Riker and Tigh up though. They were both great XOs because, as the article says, they complemented their respective commander's personalities and because they loved the ship like it was a family member (one they liked I mean ;).

(always liked the episode where Riker's trying to decide whether to take his captaincy but decides not to - even to the detriment of his career - because no other ship is the Enterprise)
Nice to see Chakotay in there, too bad it comes as a diss for captain Janeway. But the #1 spot is sooo right. So all is forgiven :)
And the only woman in the bunch. Go Zoe!
As a younger person who saw the original Star Wars Trilogy only after it had long become a well established part of pop culture, it did seem pretty bizaare that Vader was not the head honcho. Actually, he must not have even been the second in command if he was taking orders from that old general dude.
Vader's power was in the fleet, I think, so in the first one he was on another man's turf.

The rationale for Tigh was brilliant.

I'd throw in Susan Ivanova (from Babylon 5), though. Her wit was as sharp as her shooting, and she was always capable of stepping up and filling in for her captain, either in his absence or on a solo mission.
I'd throw in Susan Ivanova (from Babylon 5), though.

You beat me to it, there's no excuse for overlooking Ivanova.

But yay to putting Zoe in the #1 spot - above Spock, no less!

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