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October 21 2009

Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon's 'Sugarshock' out this week. The Dark Horse one-shot collects the three chapters from the MySpace Dark Horse Presents website and also has "never-before-seen character designs, page layouts, and promotional images". Also out this week is John Byrne's 'Angel vs Frankenstein' comic book and the Spike omnibus.

I never read this online, so I was pleased with what I got. I don't mind paying $3.50 for an extra-sized, done-in-one, virtually ad-less issue. Dark Horse and the Big Two should do stuff like this more often.
Read it cover to cover twice since getting it earlier this evening... so nice to have a hard copy! I haven't been collecting comics for awhile, and have little money, but this was so worth it.

Kissy th' face!
Just got my copy of it yesterday, the last one at the store. Still love this comic.

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