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October 21 2009

(SPOILER) Chicago Tribune reviews this Friday's Dollhouse episode. They say Belonging "is one of the most emotionally compelling hours the show has ever done". The following weeks episode is described as "a rock 'em, sock 'em slice of twisty mythology. The episode .. is a conspiracy theorist's dream, and it promises even more enjoyably messed-up developments to come."

Nice. Can't wait.
Well reviewed. l'm starting to become a Maureen Ryan fan. l ache with anticipation for the next two episodes.
Excellent. Let's hope even more good press comes out of these screeners -- not to mention once the eps air for all to see. I cannot wait for this Friday. Oh boy.
Maureen Ryan knows how to pour gasoline on my already blazing love for this show. And it's possible I just missed it earlier, but did she just reveal a "Belonging" guest star we were unaware of until this point?
Mo Ryan is a Champ; a Champ, I say. Hitfix Daniel Fienberg & Herc at AICN got their screeners as well but they are probably going to post about them closer to the air date.
Keith Carradine? No, we've known about that for a while.
I think Crazykidben was referring to Ray Wise?

Hopefully at least a reasonable amount of people will tune in this week, from the sounds of things I could see this episode hooking new viewers if given the chance.
Friday cannot come soon enough. My friend and I are going to be in front of my pretty HD television with our eyeballs glued and ready!
We've known about Ray Wise, too...though he's not in "Belonging" (he's not appearing for another 3 eps, according to Maureen Ryan).
I always screw up inviso-text so I was a little too vague, sorry. What I meant was that I thought Carradine wasn't scheduled to appear until later in the season, particularly "Meet Jane Doe."
Ah...gotcha. From what I can tell looking back in the archives, it was known at least as early as the end of August that he'd be in this episode.
"star Eliza Dushku, who doesn't appear much in "Belonging," has material that is well-suited to her talents in both episodes"

Hmmm... is that damning with faint praise I smell? Given that all the other stars were singled out for 'real' praise in the piece, certainly seems so.

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