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October 21 2009

The top 5 hunk of junk spaceships. Serenity lands at number 3.

Ouch, the drawback they give for Serenity stings.
"Fat-bottomed ships, you make the rockin' world go round."

Pilot turnover- That was mean.
I don't think i'd exactly call "One" a high pilot turnover and though I salute them for getting the song title in there, Serenity doesn't have a fat bottom either, she's just curvy s'all ;).

Still, the Falcon reigns supreme. Hard to imagine anything coming along to ever knock her off that top spot.

(and i'd give an honorary mention to 'Salvage One'. I remember virtually nothing about the show but I loved the idea of it)
Hey, where's the Junkion ship from Transformers: The Movie?
Wrong. Serenity isn't junk. She just needs more love and duct tape than those newer ships with the fancy... staying togetherness.
High turnover of primary buffer panels and/or catalyzers would have been a more appropriate drawback.

I knew that the Falcon would be #1 and that's hard to argue with, but being beaten out by the Borg cube? Can't agree with that, either. Ouch.
Yeah but whaddya do ? Resistance is futile.
Glad Serenity made the list (but too far down IMHo) but where's the TARDIS?
I don't know where they get off putting the Falcon #1. Serenity is 3 times bigger than the MF, and can hold tons more cargo, legal or otherwise. Cut the Falcon up for scrap and you could stow her in Serenity's cargo bay! Not that you would want to, mind ya.... lol
Without even reading the article...What?! Not my ship!
Hope Kaylee never sees this list! Hunk of junk??
Yeah, the Falcon will always be #1 on such lists. Her kill record's too high for anything else. But Serenity is always just behind. The Falcon is like your custom car; Serenity's the home you built with your bare hands.
See, I rate the Falcon under Galactica. Gal should be first, Falcon, Serenity, Winnebago, Borg Cube and that other one shouldn't be on there at all.

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