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October 17 2003

Alexis Denisof before he was Wesley. Pics of a very young Mr Hannigan in the George Harrison video "Got My Mind Set On You".

Speaking of which, has anyone seen "Beyond the City Limits" starring him and Alyson?

hee...I was actually just thinking about people calling him Mr. Hannigan now...

i have seen Beyond the City Limits. it's a must see as a reference item for both AH/AD fans but it still really sucks. there are small bits and pieces within that are quite good but it still really sucks, IMHO. And that's even *with* the scenes of AH rolling around in a bed and hammock with Nastassia Kinski. Despite even that, it still really sucks
I'll second that opinion - Beyond the City Limits is boring, which to me is worse than being a bad film. It smacks of compromise throughout. If they had taken even one full out chance it might have some redeeming quality, but in the end it's just a bore.
You mean it's not gonna be Alyson and Alexis Hannigan? I mean that sounds better and reads better than Alexis and Alyson Denisof. I think they should set a precedent and have the man change his name for once. Odds are though neither of them are going to change their names. It's not good for business in today's Hollywood. I mean, where would Nicole be now if she'd started calling herself "Mrs. Cruise" in public?

Ms. Alyson Hannigan versus Mrs. Alyson Denisof-Hannigan. I think it's a no-brainer. OOH! I know! They could both change their last name to Whedon. That's novel.
Oh wow, that hair!
OMG! I remember that video! Gads, I'm old. I remember thinking how cute the boy was, but kinda geeky :-)
Cris, I remember thinking he looked a bit like a young George Harrison, with better teeth---

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