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October 21 2009

(SPOILER) Changes at the 'Dollhouse'. Summer Glau speaks to Zap2it about her recurring role on Dollhouse.

Is it just me or this title is a little bit scary?

"She knew her back when she was Caroline..."
This sounds really interesting.
Joss says this about Sumeer and her character:

"She's a little bit damaged, because that's what I write. She's played her share of crazies, and I didn't want that. I just wanted someone who was a little off-kilter and yet enormously sympathetic."

It should be interesting to see how Summer plays "Off-kilter" without stretching it into "Crazy". Looking forward to this, and I've not exactly been a Fan of the show... up 'til now.
Summer still looks like a teenager to me like the Summernator she played, please do her justice and make her all woman!
There is a big variety of inappropriate things to say to that, Krusher. I am asserting a very high level of self-control here.
Why do I read these spoiler-tagged articles? Why? Why?

smacking forehead several times, hard
Wow! Summer Glau on dollhouse, looking forward 2 that.

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