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October 21 2009

(SPOILER) Spoilers and reviews for upcoming Dollhouse episodes. E! Online has some strong spoilers and good reviews for the next couple of Dollhouse episodes.

Since this IS VERY SPOILERY, I'm going to put all my reactions under invisitext.

[ edited by ShanshuBugaboo on 2009-10-22 02:52 ]
I read most of the spoilers here (really all of them nowadays), and I don't mind knowing general plots and that kind of thing, but I just stopped partway in. If you are at all wary of spoilers, I suggest you do NOT read this. It doesn't exactly spell it all out but it drops strongly suggestive tidbits all over the place.

ETA: Good spoilers, good post. Just way more spoiler laden than has been typical for these things recently and wanted to warn people.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2009-10-22 02:51 ]
Agreed, Sunfire. This is one of those uber-spoilery spoilers.
That's unfortunate, Sunfire, because after the first spoilerly part, the second is pretty mild, conveying info we already knew/felt about Priya's background. They don't go into details on that at all. But "Public Enemy"? Ouch. Ah well, always better to see than read.
Thanks for that korkster. I went back-- you're right, the spoilers are far heavier early on. Glad to see the reaction is so positive to these episodes.
Wow. I can't believe they were allowed to say that much. I'm a spoiler whore so I don't really care but it was very surprising they revealed as much as they did. The episodes sound bloody amazing.
Nice to see actual confirmation that "Stop-Lost" will be about Victor's military past.

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