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October 21 2009

Captain Reynolds vs Vampires. In the preview for next Monday's Castle episode, Mal goes up against a few undead Americans. EDIT: holy crap, there is also a sneak peak in which he NAMECHECKS BUFFY. Nerd heaven, indeed.

Love, love, love.
Oh wow, the writing for this show has gotten much better since the pilot.
Ok, that is just too much fun.
I saw it! I saw it! the coat - and the gun!

Seeing him in the full Mal getup, for just a second, was a little piece of geek heaven. I'm looking forward to how they explain this one.
Bring on Monday!
Yes, the cloths definitely make the man. Looks like a good Halloween episode.
I love my Captain!
So... are those the Malcolm Reynolds' clothes?? Is that what he took as a memento from Firefly?

With a chaser of Buffy mention, plus a vampire staked through the heart, our Mr. Fillion sure does know the way to this woman's heart.
Thank goodness for the dvr--in slow motion you can see not just the coat and gun, but the suspenders too! Too cool.

During Flanvention, he implied that he pretty much took everything, including the dinosaurs :-D.
Exactly, brinderwalt. I kind of want to have that shot framed.
Whoo-hoo! We now have Official Castle merchandise...besides the book "Heat Wave" and the Castle Season 1 DVD.

Official Castle Merchandise Tees, mug, mousepad and totebag and of course the book Heat Wave and the DVD.
I just love the way they play with this show--first having Castle play poker with real mystery writers, then the book that he wrote coming out in reality with Nathan doing signings, and now the wink & nod to NF's longtime fans. Somebody (or somebodies) associated with this has a great sense of fun.
@brinderwalt - don't forget the suspenders.

@rivergirl - beat me to it!

Is it Monday yet?!
OMG! Hahaha. I just started watching this show. I can't wait for Monday now!!!
When is Castle showing the UK?
clearly, the Castle writing team knows Whedonites are watching. And Nathan Fillion is awesome, but I already knew that.

I've been watching this show since the pilot, first it was just because Nathan was in it but now I think I'd watch it even without the Whedonverse connection. I don't care much for the "mysteries" (especially since they're hardly very mysterious) but the banter between Castle and Beckett is fun and I'm falling in love with the Beckett character right along Mr. Castle.

edit: typo, sort of

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What nyrk said.
I don't have handy access to my DVDs, but the big tombstone for Elizabeth Ann somebody seemed mighty familiar, too. maybe not an exact replica, but in a homagey sort of way. I might have paused and rewound the preview after Monday night's Castle a couple of times, too, but then I'm a sucker for self referential humor. Wasn't there also a Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern joke a few episodes back?
Sassafras, I thought the graveyard looked familiar too. This is so cool!
Hah, Hah and Hah! This show is getting more and more awesome every week! Honestly, I can see Nathan making up this stuff and then hopping around the producers all geeky and bringing them to do it. Or maybe they just know, that a lot of viewers watch the show because of Nathan and his Whedonverse-background and want to please those viewers. Which is a smart move anyway...
Yep, that is great fun. I kind of lost track of Castle amongst all the stuff I was watching, but this'll certainly drag me back. Heck, I'll probably end up buying the DVDs ;). I do hope someone reveals whose idea this was and if this is the original Mal-outfit, somewhere along the line :).
*squeeeee!* I love this show so much. Nathan is fantastic and Stana rawks my socks. The references make me positively giddy. And not just the Firefly/Whedonverse mentions--I loved the "Lycans" bit of lore he dropped. :D
Just a little update with a more specific link and a tiny, tiny bit of commentary, check out Fireflies, and Buffy, and Lycans, Oh MY!

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