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October 21 2009

The worst (and weirdest) vampire products. Yep, some Buffy merch ranks high on the list.

I like some of the comments more then the actual article, nsfw? maybe, but funny as hell :o
I see I've finally found my Christmas list.
Absolutely hilarious!! I think a better buffy prop would have been a Mr. Pointy replica. I'd pay a hundred dollars for a really high class one of those that actually looked like a real stake as opposed to the fake ones online that look overly glossed.
That menstrual pad is the most profane thing I've ever seen. Oh my.
I think the Spike panties were the weirdest Buffy item I've ever seen.
Spike Panties?
The capital 'S' on Spike panties is crucial, the first image that came to my mind was something quite different and a lot less comfortable to wear (yep, less comfortable than even a thong).

And the Twilight dildo is one of the more hilarious product tie-ins i've seen. Nice write-up too, amateur necrophiliacs indeed. Heh ;).

(and hear me well, world - I will have the glow in the dark Blacula soap. Oh yes, it will be mine)
OMG - that was so funny! I thought the sanitary pad was bad but then I got to the dildo and clicked on the description (okay, you know most of you did that too) and laughed so hard at the description, "Toss it in the fridge for that authentic experience." LOL!!

The Buffy one was pretty tame compared to most of them and I actually thought the "True Blood" drink sounds good!
The True Blood Drink does kind of taste awful, but it is nice to buy a pack and stick it on a shelf as a prop replica.
Yeah, I kind of missed the part where it said it tasted like it had a ground up Flinstones vitamin in it and only saw the blood red orange part of it!
It sparkles in the sunlight!!!

For that outdoors 'experience'...

*is dead*
"This is literally a piece of wood, which is something that literally grows on trees."


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