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October 21 2009

More pix and short article on Nathan Fillion "Castle" book signing. IF Magazine has a little piece on the Barnes & Noble event that was held Monday. Mention of Captain Hammer.

nice pics, though the captioning was a little strange.
I'm surprised,no one asked a question about firefly?
Agreed Okelay, that is strange.

The article was loaded with so many grammar, spelling and syntax errors that it just made this a chore to read ("the actually book..."). I liked the pics though.

I guess I should be watching the show and all of this would have made a bit more sense.
I agree about the article.which is why I said the pics were nice. you really should be watching,it's really good. I love the show.
So is Nathan actually the supposed author of this book?
No, Richard Castle is the author of the book. I do not believe we know who actually wrote the book. It could be Nathan Fillion, I suppose, but I doubt it.

And I came here to comment on how awful that article was, but you guys took care of it for me. Thanks!
"mystery rider"

"mystery rider"


Maybe he is a friend of some ghost writter who wants to make a duet for apply to the Evil League of Evil as "Ghost Rider".

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