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October 22 2009

Anthony Head's radio comedy 'Bleak Expectations' returns for a new series. It'll be on next Thursday on Radio 4.

Is this accessible online anywhere?
Yeah, what SteveP asked... where can I hear this? (Particularly the old seasons.)
I changed the link to the official website. It shows where you can buy the previous seasons on CD. You should be able to listen to the show live on Radio 4 on the day.
Is that true from outside the UK too Simon ?

(for non-UKers, follow this link to the BBC radio website, click on the "Radio 4" tab and then - if you can see it - click "Listen Live". If a new window opens and starts to stream whatever's currently on then you can access it, otherwise you can't. Or you might have to jump through a few 'Hotspot Shield' shaped hoops to do so ;)

ETFix link

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Thanks Saje & Simon.
And if you don't manage to catch it when it airs on Listen Live, you always have the Listen Again option for another week after it airs. Even if you're outside the UK.

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