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"Did I just lose an argument to a doll?"
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October 22 2009

(SPOILER) Casting call for Dollhouse 2x10. The episode was written by Jed & Maurissa and has a very intriguing title. Filming starts on November 2nd with John Cassaday on the director's chair.

Yep. The title alone has me extremely excited.
And it's the John Cassaday-directed episode too!
Wow. Excitement. So much that I have come full circle and become stoic again.
James Marsters for the gig.
Today is shiny and new. That's an amazing creative team combo right there.
I hear there was a
I love "possibly recurring". There's optimism! (...given the macro-level Fox scheduling situation)
I'm scared already! Please, J-Mo, don't hurt us!

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