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October 23 2009

Angel and Spike make #3 in 10 Top Pop Culture Vamps list "As portrayed by the talented (and let's be honest, sexy) David Boreanaz and James Marsters, these obsession-inducing vampires shared a bloodline, a passion for a certain petite blonde Slayer, and a clear love for leather and gel."

Well that should make everyone happy. Except, they should have been #1. :)
The list doesn't show up for me.
Yep, I agree. They're both number one in my book. *g* Far more complex and engaging then many of todays 'modern' vampire characters.

*goes off with her Zimmer frame grumbling about young vampires today*

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2009-10-23 13:18 ]
I guess coming in after Dracula and Lestat isn't too shabby.

...But yeah, they're #1, haha.
Bela is okay, but number 1 l'm not feeling it. l was surprised to see that Christopher Lee didn't make the list, l always thought that he was one of the coolest vamps ever. l'm glad to see that my boys are in the top 3.
Does not show up for me either.
Rehabber - it's strange. For me, it just goes automatically, from #10 to #1.
This list was the best one of its type I've seen in a while. I pretty much agreed with the entire thing. Kinda wish Darla & Drusilla had been on it too, though.
Another list no-show. Maybe it only shows up in moonlight.

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