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"I think this line is mostly filler..."
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October 23 2009

Neil Patrick Harris in negotiations to lend his voice to Fox new animation project "Rio". The story follows the adventures of a nerdy macaw who lights out from his small-town Minnesota cage for the exotic Summer Olympic city of Rio de Janeiro, is scheduled for an April 8, 2011, release.

Hrm, I can't tell from the descriptor if the Olympics is a significant factor to the plot or if they're just pessimistically expecting people might not know enough about the place without a descriptor.

If anything timing-wise and assuming the Olympics are important then London would probably be more appropriate, though I am still curious what would have happened with a slightly less dramatic trip to Chicago had they won 2016...
Yeah, but London already had/will have a Doctor walking around and in Chicago he could gets some newspapers that didn't/will do not have the right informations. Rio hasn't time-space problems.

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