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October 23 2009

(SPOILER) TV Guide Magazine's Matt Roush reviews tonight's episode of Dollhouse: "Belonging" . "Itís easily the most compelling, surprising and emotionally turbulent episode so far this season." Herc at AICN also reviews it here.

Beware that the TV Guide link contains spoilers for other shows, including the debut of "White Collar", which has Mark Sheppard as a guest star in the premiere tonight and also info about "EndGame" a PBS Masterpiece Contemporary movie that features Chiwetel Ejiofor.

I am looking forward to tonight's episode so much. And as the show keeps on climbing upwards, I get more sad about the characters we are inevitably going to lose. Topher, Victor, Sierra... if only it could keep going. I suspect December is going to be heart wrenchingly glorious.
Yeah I'm really pumped for this episode as well. The glowing reviews have made me really excited. As a big fan of Adelle I can't wait to see her in this episode because it sounds great. I can't wait to see Dichen shine :D
I added Herc's AICN review to the entry. He says very good things as well. I'm most intrigued by this:

This is I think the best of the second-season episodes so far. Soon after it begins a piece of information sets in motion a crisis far greater and far more interesting than any active's malfunction.
I have to admit, I think I'm looking forward to this episode more than I looked forward to the premiere. Or the subsequent last two episodes.

I can't conclusively say this yet, having not viewed tonights episode, but I sort of wish they'd jumped right into these sort of storyline elements from the get go this season. I feel like, even if the initial viewing was still low, it might have been easier to encourage viewing. I understand why they've taken this route-- a couple episodes to sort of set up and to bring viewers up to speed on the current state of the DH. I also feel like these engagement of the week episodes are loads better than last season. But I can't can't shake the feeling that the may have done more harm than good.

Also, on another note, it often fills me with equal parts ruefulness and fierce glee every time the Whedon fanbase is mention in an article.

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