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October 23 2009

13 kick-ass moments from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "This list is about kick-ass moments; moments that make you want to jump out of your seat and shout, "Hell, yeah!"

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Way too much from the later seasons. I guess I'm biased.

But where's Buffy's return from the dead in Prophecy Girl -- "oh look, a bad guy."

Where's "Who are you?" "I'm Buffy. The vampire slayer. And you are?" from Anne?

Where's Buffy catching the sword in Becoming Part 2?

Where's "Sunrise... it's in about nine hours, moron." From The Harvest?

Where's "get the hell away from my daughter" from School Hard?

Where's the Buffy/Faith showdown from Grad Day part 1?

And why is Xander losing an eye considered a "kickass" moment?
Agree with bonzob, too many WOW moments left out (but then lists do have a tendency to do that) Buffy catching the sword in Becoming Part 2 NEEDS to be in there though... Also where's the Buffy/Faith crypt to Bronze cut-scene from Bad Girls. Now THAT was kickass!
Where the hell is the Sunday defeat from "The Freshman" or the Glory hammer-smack?

Terrible list. Xander losing an eye? Seriously?

Bonzob's are pretty spot on.
I totally agree for most of those, though the Buffy/Spike one was entirely "what the hell?!" rather than "hell, yeah!" for me, Dark Willow was more of a rumbling evil cackle moment, and Xander getting his eye poked out was more of a sympathetic whimper moment. Also, when Buffy garroted the uber-vamp, I was so annoyed about how ridiculously thick that wire was for beheading *anything*, let alone something as tough as an uber-vamp, that it kind of killed my suspension of disbelief, which robbed the scene of some of its impact. I think my two favorite moments on there are the Giles ones. His epic entrance at the end of "Two to Go" was probably the most hardcore moment of the entire series.
My favorite "Hell yeah!" moment is when Spike kicks away his wheelchair at the end of I Only Have Eyes For You.
"Bad Eggs" isn't a well liked episode, but I always thought Buffy crawling back out of the Bezoar was pretty kick-ass.

The "confrontation" between Buffy and Doc on the tower: "This should be interesting". I love the way she just blows by him.

In "The Pack", when Willow acts like she's being taken in by the caged Xander: "Now I know".

An example of an "anti" kick-ass moment: Oz dramatically setting himself to throw the stake at the retreating vampire in "Anne": "That really never works."

Uber-Buffy pulling out Adam's power source.

Lots of others I can't remember off the top of my head.
Oh, no! A list. here's me wasting my time, then yours:
1. Bonzob's selection from "Anne", indeed.
2. And Rhodey, that twirling of the stake in "the Freshman" was always so good.
3."NOW!" from "Graduation Part, part II", for sure.
4.Bizarro Sunnydale in the "Wish"--everything about it, but especially the attack at the Bronze intercut with the defeating of Anyanka.
5. "Psych!" from "Enemies"
6. Class protector, from "the Prom"
7. Buffy vs Faith, "Graduation Day, I"
8. Riley and Buffy pull their weapons on each other in "Hush"
9. Uber-Slayer in Primeval, I think specifically the moment when all four become one in that fast tracking shot.
10. Um, "Restless"
11. Buffy confronting the McClay clan in "Family'
12. 1977 flashback, "Fool for Love"
13. Mummy-hand-loopdy-loop from "Life Serial", I think I rewound the VCR 20 times the night that first aired. Hilariously good.
Ugh, and I'm only part way through season 6.
Return of the Big Bads, from "Lessons"; the ending of "Convo. w/Dead Ppl"; and "get out of my face" from "Chosen".
Agree from the article:
Buffy vs Glory is definitely at the top and Once More, with Feeling, as a whole.
Xander losing an eye or Willow skinning Warren is "hell yeah!"? Okay then. More like completely disturbing.

Besides the rocket launcher, Buffy kicking Angel in the balls in Innocence was another "hell yeah" moment.
The Prom. Everything in The Prom was a kickass moment.
Apart from some of those in the article (particularly Giles' fab entrance in "Two to Go" and the kids take a stand in "Graduation Day Pt II") and many of those mentioned upthread:

Spike "works out his issues" in "Lies My Parents Told Me"

Xander's "I like the quiet" and then at the end his private smile from "The Zeppo"

Buffy stands up in "Chosen" (sounds like such a little thing when you just type it out ;)

The "And it'll choke on me ..." speech from "Bring on the Night"

Buffy explains how it is to Quentin Travers in "Checkpoint"
Wow! I've always thought the Buffy vs. Faith confrontations were some of the best moments, still all in all a decent list.
The Spike/Big Bads scene from Lessons. Superb.

Also Xander's "seven years" speech from Potential. Heart breaking.
Ehum... The Spike and Buffy having sex while the house collapsed? That's a "Hell yeah!" moment? I'm thinking that list maker is somewhat disturbed... Nothing "hell yeahy" about that scene, it's about Buffy succumbing to her own self-destruction, the vampire slayer equivalent of cutting. And Xander losing his eye? Someone mixed up the "hell yeahs" with the "oh noes"...
Lots of good ones here. I don't think anyone has mentioned the Willow/Parker moment when he thinks he's sucked her in and she slaps him down - verbally, of course.
I think my favorite three are missing from this list, thanks bonzob for putting up:
"Where's "Who are you?" "I'm Buffy. The vampire slayer. And you are?" from Anne?

Where's Buffy catching the sword in Becoming Part 2?"

Also when Giles smashes Anya amulet in The Wish, almost defeated and worn out he states "Because it has to be." Chills every time and a hell of YES moment for moi.
There are also some smaller but equally cool moments -- Buffy kicking the door off the Bronze in OMWF (which I guess is at the end of the song they mentioned), Buffy on top of the armored car in Seeing Red, Buffy knocking about twenty ubervamps back with the scythe in Chosen, etc.

And what about in other Joss shows?

-- "There are three flowers in a vase. The third flower is green."
-- Paul beating on Echo in "Vows" until the badass personality came out (okay, so it was disturbing. It was also a "hell yeah" moment).
-- Boyd putting the evil rapist handler through the window.
-- Echo laying out the female handler in Needs.
-- SuperEcho turning the tables on Alpha in Omega.

-- Henchman in the engine in The Train Job.
-- Mal shoots Dobson with zero hesitation in Serenity.
-- Mal shoots the horse in Serenity.
-- "Big damn heroes."
-- River "doing the math" in War Stories.

-- The Greatest Hero Shot Ever (River and the blast doors and the Reavers and the blood-dripping axes).
-- Reaver army emerging through the ion cloud.
-- "Hell with this. I'm gonna live."
-- Mal's not paralyzed and he breaks the Operative's arms.
-- "That's not incense."

-- Fray's sister crushing that nasty vamp with a car.
-- Fray bursting out through the bigass monster's eyeball.
I thought it was bit of a strange list as well. Many of those moments are fantastic moments (Spike getting his soul, Willow skinning Warren, Willow going all Cate Blanchett) but I wouldn’t call them “kick ass.” When I think “kick ass” I think of scenes like “Hi I’m Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you are?” or “Me.”

The only ones I really agree with are Buffy with the rocket launcher, the class of 99 fighting the Mayor and Buffy smashing Glory in the face with the troll hammer. But no kick ass list is complete without;

- Anne

DEMON: Who are you?
BUFFY: Hi I’m Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you are?

- Innocence

ANGELUS: You can’t do it, you can’t kill me

Buffy kicks him in the balls

BUFFY: Give me time

- Graduation Day

FAITH: The Mayor gave me the poison, said it was wicked painful

BUFFY: There’s a cure

FAITH: Damn what is it?

BUFFY: You’re blood

FAITH: Come to get me? You gonna feed me to Angel. You know you’re not gonna take me alive

BUFFY: Not a problem

FAITH: Well look at you all dressed up in big sisters clothes.

BUFFY: You told me I was just like you. That I was holding it in

FAITH: Ready to cut loose?

BUFFY: Try me

FAITH: Ok then, give us a kiss

- The Freshman

BUFFY: In the three seconds it takes for you to turn to dust I think you’ll find the mistake was touching my stuff!
These are not necessarily my favorite moments, just the kick ass ones. Not in order.

1. I DID jump out of my seat with a "hell yeah!" when Buffy and Spike got together in Smashed.

2. The Rocket Launcher in Innocence. "What's that?" Kablooey.

3. "What have you got left?" "Me" Thunk.

4. Buffy kicking the door down at the Bronze at the end of Walk Through the Fire in OMWF.

5. Buffy clubbing Parker was as satisfying as Willow putting him down. I will combine them.

6. Giles and the Chainsaw in Fear Itself.

7. Cordelia threatening the Gorch brother in Homecoming.

8. Buffy throwing the axe at the watcher in Checkpoint.

9. Uber Buffy against Adam. The whole scene was totally kick ass.

10. "From now on, we're going to have a lot less ritual, and a lot more fun" Spike before frying the Annoying one.

11. Spike in Intervention: "The slayer is going to kick your skanky, lop-sideded ass back to whatever dimension would take a cheap, whorish, fashion victim ex-god like you!"

12. Spike hitting Angelus over the head with a crowbar in Becoming.

13. Xander's "I like the quiet."
I second Spike's dusting of the annoying one. In fact, that was skating dangerously close to a fourth-wall-breaking moment and I'm a sucker for those when they're done well.

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