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October 23 2009

Inara Beaming Her "V" Message to the Human Public. Morena Baccarin talks to both Sci Fi Wire and The Wall Street Journal about her new-found alien ways. The Wall Street Journal interview can be found here.

Um, spoiler?
I haven't been following this show closely. What's the spoiler? Is it the guinea pig stuff or the agenda of the aliens Scifiwire mentions?
This looks VERY cool (and I don't think there are spoilers here, just a promo for the show)! I hope this is a stepping stone for Morena becoming a huge star.
Well, if you don't know anything about the show and haven't seen the original (which I don't and haven't), the mention of those things is a spoiler, isn't it? At least it's a "maybe-spoiler"...

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