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October 23 2009

(SPOILER) A brief clip from tonight's new Dollhouse episode, "Belonging". And a promo from Why I Watch!

Saw the promo, pretty cool, but I'm staying strong and not watching the clip of the episode today. Wanna watch this episode as spoiler-free as possible.
Promo page, if you want to send it to your friends who haven't seen the show yet (hint-hint!) View here!
As cliched and as over-used that Requiem for a Dream-OST is, it still gets me every time. Awesome promo.

And the clip is gold.
With this episode being directed by Frakes... should we not promote it on Trek sites??

IF their fans would tune in for him we may gain quite a few viewers and maybe some would come back. Maybe should have thought of it sooner...

[ edited by coolpeace on 2009-10-23 23:22 ]
If anyone already has a membership and is respected on Star Trek messageboards, please consider posting links and encouraging others to watch. This, with the caveat that we don't want to seem spammer-y, so only do it if you're already respected by members. We want people to be intrigued by Dollhouse, not annoyed by its fans.
Another awesome promo -- thanks again, whyiwatch! I, like maxsummers, am avoiding spoilers, so no clip for me.
Great promo, and the song is very fitting even if it is used often. Hoping lots of people tune in tonight for what looks to be an amazing episode.
The clip is awesome!

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