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October 23 2009

Fox confirms official Double Dollhouse December schedules. io9 contacted a Fox rep about the actual Dollhouse airing schedule for this December.

A Fox rep tells io9 that this is the airing schedule for Dollhouse between now and 2010:

Friday, Oct. 23 (tonight) - Episode 204 (9PM-10PM et/pt)
Friday, Dec. 4 - Episode 205 & 206 (Summer Glau episodes 8PM-10PM et/pt)
Friday, Dec. 11 - Episodes 207 & 208 (8PM-10PM et/pt)
Friday, Dec. 18 - Episodes 209 & 210 (8PM-10PM et/pt)

Sounds like the 25th will likely still be the previously announced Dollhouse reruns, although no idea what they'll be airing. (Dear Fox: show Epitaph One!)

Of course, this was obvious anyway. If the first three weeks of December are new episodes, this is the only schedule there could be. io9 went so far as to tweet this as an "exclusive", which is laughable.
What happened to November (the month)? Two weeks ago they advertised that Summer would be on in three weeks. :(
mouse, the big news over the last day+ was that after tonight Dollhouse is on hiatus until November so FOX can air something with higher ratings for sweeps month.
Yeah, I figured it was all pretty obvious, but I think it's the first time we actually got an actual official schedule.
Is there a pool on whether it'll remain actually official past November 23rd ? Cos i'll have some of that action.
That just stinks. This show is so amazing, and it doesn't seem to be getting a fair chance. :(
mouse, if you're just catching up, be sure to read Joss' comment on the situation.
Thanks, I am catching up. I just got the Tweet with that link, too. It's good to hear Joss is positive about it. :)
With mouse here, just catching up. I love the idea of back-to-backs! Waiting til December, not so much. But nothing wrong with a lil gluttony from time to time.
So, I'll be watching Smallville at 8, Dollhouse at 9, timeshifting the first Dollhouse at 11 and watching them out of order.

Beats not having them at all.
Can't blame Fox for this, less than 3 million viewers isn't going to impress the advertisers come booking week.

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